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Ideas for ice-breakers, participatory activities, and games for Wikimedia events

Crowdsourced from an in-person discussion by user:Fuzheado, user:phoebe, user:rosiestep, user:sj & user:gamaliel

  • What's your first edit?
    • have a board where people can write down their first edits
    • have a board of usernames & first edits; guess which belongs to whom
    • have a splash screen/slidedeck of editor faces + first edits
  • famous first lines of articles - with the title blacked out, guess which first line belongs to which article. eg "The animals were trained and versatile, able to kill victims immediately or to torture them slowly over a prolonged period. Most commonly employed by royalty..." first line of en:Execution by elephant
  • write your own barnstars. Have barnstar-shaped paper/cardboard cutouts - write a nice note on them and give them to someone!
  • crowdsourced awards ceremony - who deserves an award for what? people's choice
  • want to learn / want to show board. Two columns on a central board people can write on - eg "I want to learn x tool" - "I want to show x tool" then you find that person at some point during the conference. Or if it's a very focused conference, preselect the areas that people can show & tell in?
  • have a board with a big map (global or country focused depending on the event) and have people mark or put pins in it from where they are from. This has been used very successfully at the last couple of wikimanias.
  • coloring sheets with free images - as developed by Wikimedia NYC for Wikiday '19. Provide crayons and coloring sheets!