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Not everybody who might be interested in using Wikipedia assignments as a teaching tool will find the Best practices in assigning Wikipedia articles as coursework to students pages. And many professors and teachers, who might be interested, haven't even heard of the idea to use such assignments in their classrooms. For those people the best practice documentation team will develop a printed brochure. Such materials will help us to approach new target groups. The team envisions a 12-15 pages publication (format: 8 inches X 5 inches).

Table of Contents

  • Preface (1 page)
  • Introduction (2 pages)
  • Wikipedia an encyclopedia (1-2 pages)
  • Requirements and initial steps (1-2 pages)

Maybe examples of different countries

  • Best practices examples (5 pages)
  • Gives a short survey about two or three successfully executed projects (quotations by participants)
  • Get started (1 page)
  • Information on how to find the best practices pages, useful guidelines or facilitators