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Iberocoop:Iberoconf 2014

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The 4th Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit is an Iberocoop’s initiative that gathered in Buenos Aires from 21 to 23 November 2014. It had representative delegations of Wikimedia chapters and user groups from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela, deputies from the Wikimedia Foundation and from the Affiliations Committee (AffCom), and guests from Amical Wikimedia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Group photograph of the summit

General objectives


Since the beginning, Iberocoop (Regional Cooperation Initiative for Ibero-America) became the chosen space for its members to exchange experiences and share perspectives for implementing projects and methods to achieve its success. Iberocoop encourages its members to re-think their position: to work regional and locally at the same time through cooperation of the chapters in order to show our ways in the global context.

The Ibero-American chapters annual conference (Iberoconf) represents the perfect field for the Iberocoop’s members to be able to take strategic positions and be able to be heard in their own languages. As cooperation and collaborative work space, Iberoconf can’t be defined simply as an “annual gathering”. Chapters, user groups and working groups gather horizontally, honoring the Wikimedia values, aiming to give a proper answer to the needs of the global context through a structure of work based on cooperation and teamwork. Former editions of Iberoconf were the key to consolidate the presence of the Wikimedia movement in Latin America, and helped on the particular needs of each group through mutual assistance.

This time held by Wikimedia Argentina and with the support of the Wikimedia Foundation, 2014 Iberoconf aimed to be useful in strengthening the development of the Wikimedia movement in Ibero-America. The summit aimed to be the resumption of established agreements taken on previous editions of the conference. We want to strengthen the role and capacity of Iberocoop’s partners, not only as individual entities, but as part of an integrated cooperation network. While 2013 Iberoconf was the ideal field to encourage chapters and groups to “re-think“ some of their projects and programs, 2014 Iberoconf aimed to not just define the strategic course to co-design the GLAM and Education programs from a regional perspective, but also to be the perfect space to review all the results obtained this year by the chapters, to discuss these results, and to design a more effective evaluation plan that includes all parties.

The specific objectives for 2014 Iberoconf were determined by analysis of a preliminary survey.

Venue and program


Accommodation and local information


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