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Iberocoop:Encuentro Wikimedia Iberoamericano 2013

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Mexico City, October 12-15

The Tercer Encuentro Wikimedia Ibero-Americano (Third Spanish-American Wikimedia Meeting) is an Iberocoop initiative that will gather Wikimedia Chapters delegates, as well as existing Working Groups in the Iberoamerican region. Its first edition was held in 2011 on Buenos Aires, and the second one on Santiago de Chile during 2012.



Since its creation in 2010, the Iniciativa de Cooperación Regional para Iberoamérica (Iberoamerica Region Cooperation Initiative, Iberocoop) has been fertile ground for Latin American and some European Chapters to exchange experiences, ideas and mutual help, establishing an original model for non-bureaucratic cooperation between Wikimedia Chapters and Working Groups. Within this context, the annual conference of the Spanish-American Chapters, Iberoconf, is a catalyst for decisions and agreements among its constituten Chapters, as well as an extraordinary occasion to help and share experiences with pre-chapters or usergroups within the organization. Ever since the first Iberoconf, three new Chapters have been born thanks to the assistance and cooperation given by Iberocoop.

During the last Iberoconf in Santiago 2012, the assisting chapters made pertinent agreements regarding and kickstarting a good portion of last year's work, such as:

  • Simultaneous participation, cooperation and technical expertise exchange between the chapters and chapters-to-be for an easier development of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012. In this international contest, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Spain were participants.
  • Agreements and common ground before the WCA Constitution and difficulties later expressed during WCA Washington 2012.
  • Decisions on internal communications and transparency in Iberocoop.
  • The presence of Wikimedia Foundation, which further helps the Spanish-American chapters integration with the rest of the International Community of Wikimedia.

Goal progress and objectives during 2012-2013 can be found here (English and Spanish).

The event


Iberoconf 2013 will have delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. This summit will include representatives from the active Wikimedia chapters in the region, as well as four chapters interested in Wikimedia-related activities in their countries. Members from the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation and their staff will be able to participate.

Parting from the past edition's results, we believe that we can aim for higher goals, and make them measurable. The Wikimedia movement's organization in the region has significantly improved in the time since the last Summit, mostly because it strengthened communications between its members, defined better collaboration terms between existing entities and continued the local development of all groups.

One of the primary objectives in the summit is to talk about the future of Iberocoop and the ideas that our cooperation model represents, to ensure its continuity and usefulness within the Wikimedia movement, as an entity recognized in the community for its cohesion, flexibility and originality when chasing common goals. Ever since the Santiago Summit, some members of Iberocoop have talked about the future as an organization able to give more opportunities and better practices to its members.

Another objective is to revise together new management models through those chapters recognized as veteran such as Wikimedia Argentina.









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