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Wiki Indaba

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Session about the future of Wiki Indaba, during the 2023 edition in Agadir, Morocco.

Wiki Indaba is an annual conference for representatives of Wikimedia communities and projects across Africa. The maiden edition was held in 2014, in Johannesburg, while the most recent one was held in 2023 conference in Agadir, Morocco. Topics of presentation and dialogue typically include Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, other wikis, open-source software, free knowledge, free content and how these projects affect the African continent. The 2024 Wiki Indaba is being held in Johannesburg from the 4 - 6 October 2024

History of Wiki Indaba[edit]

Wiki Indaba is the place to connect all Africans who work to champion the course of the Wikimedia Movement in every corner of the continent. The conference which started as a gathering for all Wikimedians to think about the future is gradually becoming a voice of the continent. The conference which churned the first ever unified letter to the WMF dubbed "Letter to Katherine/L2K", has since seen its ripple impact on the group of Wikimedians from Latin America.

There has been a great need to reduce the burden of work involved in the organisation of the conference since its inception. In response to this, a process was announced at the [2018] Wiki Indaba held in Tunisia to establish a steering committee responsible for providing support to the Local Organising Committee(s) (LOC) of future Wiki Indaba's.

Objectives of Wiki Indaba[edit]

The main objective of Wiki Indaba is to "build sustainable Wikimedia communities for the benefit of Africa and the movement at large".

To carry it out the specific objectives to attain this mission:

  • Build capacity for participants or members of Wiki Indaba.
  • Connect Africans both within and in the diaspora to harness the knowledge and full potential of the continent.
  • Share, learn and promote each others activities to increase the impact of projects from the continent.
  • Communicate the unified vision or goals to the rest of the Wikimedia Movement.

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