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Events kit

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A kit for events, large and small.

Maker Faire, San Francisco, 2008


Wikimania 2005, Frankfurt


Wikimania 2007, Taiwan
  • events calendar
  • press release from local Chapter
  • WMF Blog

For organizers[edit]

2009 NIH Wikipedia Academy

For participants[edit]

  • cheatsheet
  • swag -- can come from the WMF
  • sample featured picture & article -- what does featured content look like
  • usb drive with stuff on it?
  • stuff to buy: tshirts ?
  • A welcome page on Meta to welcome newcomers and give them an gentle introduction to Wikipedia:
Academy/NIH 2009/Welcome,
Molecular and Cell Biology Project Welcome

Handouts, cheatsheets, etc[edit]

Recruiting volunteers[edit]

  • geonotices

Potential resources[edit]

  • need a .ppt slide template ... for presentations
  • and basic presentation resources


People who have organized events, large and small. List yourself!

Lists of events[edit]

Things to consider[edit]

For classes[edit]

  • How many IP addresses will there be? Normally only 6 accounts can be registered at one time per IP. See Mass account creation for what to do.


  • planning meetings – finding good meeting times, (volunteers mainly work on the weekends; staff don't) (see also IRC guidelines)
  • technical support
  • room reservations
  • catering/food/drink
  • Events/Accessibility for advice on increasing participation in your event

Other links[edit]