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The Wikimedia Foundation Advancement department ensures the Wikimedia movement has the relationships and resources it needs to thrive. The department is responsible for fundraising, strategic partnerships, and grantmaking programs that fuel our movement. The Wikimedia Foundation's Chief Advancement Officer is Lisa Seitz-Gruwell.

A bit more about the teams in the Advancement department:

The Fundraising team cultivates the resources that propel our movement. We engage millions of people from countries across the globe to support Wikipedia and its sister projects. The overwhelming majority of the Foundation's funding comes from individual readers from all over the world giving an average of $15. Donations help the Wikimedia Foundation maintain server infrastructure, improve the software that supports our projects, and make Wikipedia and its sister projects accessible globally to millions of people.
The Partnerships team leads WMF’s efforts to secure and maintain strategic partnerships with global institutions, leading technology companies, international organizations, governments, and members of the open-source community in support of WMF’s five priority areas. Through partnerships with these organizations and others, we support the movement to grow participation globally (i.e. increased readership and editors, particularly in emerging markets), and help WMF modernize its product experience. For more about the Foundation's role in the development of partnerships with external organizations, you can also read the Wikimedia Foundation partnership reflections.
The Community Resources team exists to support the communities around the world with different individual and mission-allied organizational funding opportunities and other resources to ensure that the free knowledge on Wikipedia and its sister projects is always available and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


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