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  • Batshua I love fleish. I'm not going to make other folks eat it if they don't want to.
  • DarkEvil Meat is needed for your body to work properly, anyway for me it is!
  • Dungodung - Why should I care not to kill anything with souls? Many animals kill people and who asked them politely to become vegs?
  • MaxSem - Eat meat, kill animals!
  • Gentgeen - I point my fellow antivegetarians to the best page in the Wikimedia World: b:Cookbook:Meat and poultry
  • Jaberwocky6669 There's a place for all of God's creatures--right beside the mashed potatoes.
  • jakewater - i think being a vegitarian is ok, as long as they dont interferre with other people or try to convince other people to become begitarians.
  • Joku Janne
  • jquarry: If God did not want us to eat animal products, he would not have invented supersize-whopper-with-cheese.
  • kaiti
  • User:KCVelaga - I would say it is a part of the food cycle, and also agree with most of the comments here.
  • Klonimus Meat Science to the rescue !!
  • lysdexia yep
  • Martinman11 Meat!
  • Naryathegreat Why would I care about some stinky, ugly things that are going to die anyway?
  • OosWesThoesBes, especially "part-time"-vegetarians...
  • SWA - When smalahove becomes a vegetable, I'll be a vegetarian. Vegetarianism is unnatural for humans, just look at our canine teeth.
  • User:Librarian of the Oracle - As a Vegan, I regard vegetarians as half-[censored] vegan animal torturers who are worse than meat eaters, because they should know better!
  • en:User:Whidunnitme - Why would animal muscle be edible if it was not supposed to be eaten?
  • 工藤/旻 - beef,pork!!!!!