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Amical Wikimedia/February 2013

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Arnaugir (R) at the Wiki Academy Kosovo diploma award ceremony
  • February 2. Meeting to outline the 2013 ICUB Wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • February 4. Meeting with Casa Batlló for guidance with the Wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • February 5. Meeting with Fundació Palau for guidance with the Wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • February 5. BibliotequesCAT Wikiproject preparation meeting. Woman Librarian competition. Kippelboy
  • February 6. Meeting with user Galazan for the upcoming Wikiproject with the Catalonia History Museum (MHC). Kippelboy
  • February 18. Meeting with the Chief Archivist of Barcelona and the Municipal Archive System of the Barcelona City Hall. Kippelboy
  • February 19. Meeting with the director of the Jaume Morera Art Museum to prepare the Jaume Morera Art Museum Wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • February 20. Presentation of study at the Map Library of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • February 21. Wikipedia workshop with technicians from the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Kippelboy
  • February 22–24. Participation in Wiki Academy Kosovo (Pristina, Kosovo) as mentor and speaker on GLAM in Catalonia. Project organised by the IPKO Foundation. Arnaugir
  • Weekly. Open Wikipedia editing meetings at the Girona Museum of Art. Several users

Educational projects[edit]

2012 Viquifabricació winners with their diplomas

Open data[edit]

  • February 5. Meeting with Mèdia140 to prepare BigDataWeek BCN 2013. Kippelboy


  • February 11. Monthly chat meeting open to members, Wikipedians and others. See page.
  • February 21. The documentary La força de Babel ("The strength of Babel"), on the benefits of multilingualisnm is broadcast on El 33 (Catalonia's second public television channel). A sizeable part of the documentary deals with Wikipedia, with quotes from Wikipedians and Amical members at Wikimania in Haifa.
  • February 22. VilaWeb talks about Wiki Academy Kosovo and the participation of Amical member Arnau Duran.
  • February 25. Meeting with the Barcelona Tourism Board. Kippelboy and Amadalvarez
  • February 25. "Viquimodernisme: una cruïlla afortunada", an article by Esther Solé in the Núvol digital cultural newspaper. Davidpar
  • More coverage of the cooperation between libraries and Wikipedia: Catalunya Música, Wiki4HE (UOC)
  • Global Voices publishes a news item on the Wikimodernism project in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Davidpar