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User Danny
Real name Danny Wool
At Wikimania 2006
Location St. Petersburg, Florida
Age 43
User page(s) English Wikipedia.
Wikimedia participant since late 2001/registered early 2002
Projects in which I participate Active on English Wikipedia and Wikisource, I have edited on many other projects (including starting Wikijunior), and in various other languages.
Languages in which I participate Fluent in English and Hebrew. The kind of French that one learned in high school in Ontario in the 1970s.
Link to user contribution pages English Wikipedia, English Wikisource, Commons, Hebrew Wikipedia, Hebrew Wikisource.
My candidate statement Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

In November 2006, the Board, office staff, and chapter representatives met in Frankfurt for three days to plan for the future of the Foundation.

Seven months later, what has been achieved? True, the staff has grown, but that makes the questions even more acute: Where is the fundraising strategy? Where is the technical road map? What is the plan for sustainability? International expansion and partnerships may be more exciting, but the role of a Board is to focus on the core issues, to protect the basic assets, and to ensure that the project remains vibrant and relevant. I hope to concentrate on that.

As a registered user on Wikipedia since early 2002, I helped to shape some of the basic guidelines. I have raised money for the Foundation, and opened doors for more money to come our way. I have also spent almost twenty months working in the Foundation office, and know the inner mechanisms intimately.

In my personal life, I have worked in various media for both the profit and non-profit sectors, and have even edited print encyclopedias professionally. I am proud to state that I am still an active editor on various projects.

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