CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2018-02-20

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IRC Chat log[edit]

[20:03] <ABEL__> What are we going to discuss about?
[20:03] <Sagar> can we start?
[20:04] <Tan_> We have three agenda items: Wiki Technical Training,
[20:04] <Titodutta> There are a few items in agenda. I am not sure if we wait for 1-2 mins for the people joining
[20:05] <Titodutta> Ok, first of all, thanks a lot to you for joinig this IRC. It is really a great experience to have a national-level IRC
[20:05] <Tan_> WTT (Wiki Technical Training) is an effort to introduce and initiate Indic Wikimedians in optimising usage of tools, gadgets and other helpful modes in optimising their contributions
[20:05] <Titodutta> About Wiki TEchnical Training: From this year MediaWiki Training and Wiki Technical Training are split. This year's Wiki Technical Training, we hope to do in mid-March, and it would be excellent if we do focus on specific areas. The first WTT might be on Wikipedia and specially content creation and enrichment. It might be in the third or fourth weekend in March 2018.
[20:06] <ABEL__> Okay
[20:06] <Sumitsurai> Ok
[20:06] <Pranayraj_> Ok
[20:06] <Anoop> I Think we need WTT for Wikisource also
[20:06] <Tulsi> Great !
[20:07] <Jhansi> Okie
[20:07] <Vinay> Done,
[20:07] <Titodutta> So we arfe speculating to have this event
[20:07] <Varijaa> But if WTT is at that time..... We people have semester examination
[20:07] <Tan_> WTT is expected to go project after project, we would like to begin with Wikipedia... then Wikisource
[20:07] <ABEL__> We have exams in mid march
[20:07] <KCVelaga> Alike MWT or TTT, is this going to be one per year or will you be doing multiple workshops?
[20:07] <ABEL__> They begin from the very first weekend
[20:08] <ranjithraj_> Hello, this is Ranjithraj from Hyderabad
[20:08] <Varijaa> March 26th
[20:08] <Tan_> @KC Velaga: We would like to do Wikipedia Focused WTT during this grant period (June 2018).
[20:08] <Titodutta> I hope these messages are going through, and you are getting these
[20:08] <Vinay> Yes.
[20:09] <Tan_> In our next grant application we would like to do more and propose the same
[20:09] <Varijaa> Yes
[20:09] <ABEL__> Yes@Tito
[20:09] <Kiran> Yes tito
[20:09] <Kushal_> Djdjdosksd
[20:09] <Sumitsurai> Yes
[20:09] <Jhansi> Yesss
[20:09] <KCVelaga> Great, nice to hear that
[20:09] <Satdeep> Hi everyone
[20:10] <Ananth> Hello All
[20:10] <ranjithraj_> Hi
[20:10] <Anjali> Hi
[20:11] <Pranayraj> *test*
[20:12] <Tan_> We would like to invite very active editors to take part in the WTT.
[20:12] <sanu> hai
[20:12] <Tulsi> Hi @Satdeep Bhaiya ! :)
[20:12] <Titodutta> Sorry, I had to reload, I was not getting any reply. Thanks for alerting @Satdeep
[20:12] <Satdeep> Hi Tulsi :)
[20:12] <Kiran> Where would WTT be hosted?
[20:13] <Titodutta> We think that it should be hosted not in Bangalore this time
[20:13] <Titodutta> We can try somewhere like Kolkata, Ranchi etc
[20:13] <Pavan89> Hi
[20:14] <Manav> Hi everyone
[20:14] <Sumitsurai> Ok
[20:14] <Vinay> Okay
[20:14] <Vinay> @ Tito
[20:14] <Ananth> Thinking to do in different place
[20:14] <Pranayraj> Yes @tito
[20:14] <Titodutta> Depends on logistics and other details (Hi @Pavan, Manav, Vinay)
[20:14] <ABEL__> Okay
[20:14] <Anoop> Why can we do it in Christ?
[20:14] <ranjithraj_> Can you do a wikidata event in Hyderabad?
[20:15] <subodh> hello all!
[20:15] <Tan_> @Anoop: Internet might be a problem because all the non Christ laptops need to be configured...
[20:15] <Jadan> Christ University we can arrange but only after month exam after that vecation
[20:15] <ABEL__> If we do it in Christ may be we can publicize it more so that we get a larger amount of auduence here who will be interested
[20:16] <ABEL__> Audience*
[20:16] <Jadan> Laptops we can arrange.... Or computers
[20:16] <Tan_> @ranjithraj: March looks busy, can we plan the Wikidata Hyderabad event in April or May?
[20:16] <Sumitsurai> Where is Christ?
[20:16] <Varijaa> Bangalore
[20:16] <ranjithraj_> Sure!
[20:16] <Titodutta> You mean, in Bangalore once again? we have got too many feedback for not doing all national-events in Bangalore
[20:16] <ABEL__> Bengaluru@sumit
[20:17] <Tan_> +1 @Tito
[20:17] <Sumitsurai> Ok
[20:17] <ranjithraj_> Indeed Hyderabad community is looking for wikidata event twice every month
[20:17] <Satdeep> +1 Tito
[20:17] <ABEL__> Okay but not in march or april mid week please @Tito
[20:17] <KCVelaga> +1 Tito
[20:17] <Titodutta> TTT was in Mysore
[20:17] <Titodutta> Thanks Krishna
[20:18] <Sumitsurai> Good idea not to do all events in Bangalore
[20:18] <Pavan89> @all ranjithraj_ works on free software movement and is collaborating with Wikimedians
[20:18] <Manav> we r talking abt two events here...technical training and wikidata event
[20:18] <Tan_> I propose Ranchi...
[20:18] <Manav> ?
[20:18] <Titodutta> Just an opinion, but I really LOVE the way you are sharing your views, it measn a lot to me.
[20:18] <Tan_> @Manav: Yes. Wikidata event is in Hyderabad
[20:18] <Satdeep> Do we have some local Wikipedians to take care of a few things in Ranchi ?
[20:19] <ABEL__> Okay if we are doing it in some other place but when ?
[20:19] <ABEL__> Okay if we are doing it in some other place but when ?
[20:19] <Vinay> It would be good if any community take responsibility..??
[20:20] <Titodutta> Hopefully mid-March or so
[20:20] <Tan_> A2K team realises that it might be logistically difficult to do it in Ranchi, but it can be a nice homage for Mr. Bhadani whose untimely death shocked all of us.
[20:21] <Saileshpat> +1
[20:21] <Ananth> Agreed
[20:21] <Varijaa> Mid march probably christites won't be able to make out... Exams?
[20:21] <Manav> are we open for suggestions on venue
[20:22] <Manav> or we r going to have one event in Ranchi
[20:22] <Tan_> @manav: Yes
[20:22] <Pranayraj> Ok
[20:22] <Satdeep> Yes, I agree
[20:22] <Manav> coz if we have somehow made our mind for ranchi...lets discuss how weill we be able to manage it
[20:22] <Tan_> @manav: We are open to suggestions. Ranchi was a suggestion.
[20:22] <Satdeep> Let's do it in Ranchi
[20:22] <Manav> yes...lets do it in ranchi
[20:23] <ABEL__> Mid march is not a peaceful period for christites:/
[20:23] <Vinay> Do we have any options towards Maharashtra.?
[20:23] <Satdeep> Paying homage to Mr. Bhadani will be a good thing
[20:23] <Manav> +1 satdeep
[20:23] <subodh> Active community in Wikidata should take initiative
[20:23] <Tulsi> +1 @Satdeep & @Manav
[20:23] <Pavan89> +1 @satdeep
[20:24] <ranjithraj_> +1 Satdeep Gill
[20:24] <Titodutta> Thanks Satdeep, Agreed
[20:24] <Pranayraj>
[20:24] <Saileshpat> Also it will be a great step to spread awareness about the movement in Ranchi. I remember the last Wikipedia event happened in Ranchi was in 2016 (?)
[20:24] <Vinay> Okay then, Ranchi it is
[20:25] <Sumitsurai> +1 @Satdeep
[20:25] <subodh> What will be the achievements/objectives of this event?
[20:25] <Tan_> @Abel: Would the Christites be interested in a Bangalore specific WTT in April?
[20:25] <Varijaa> Yes. I'm in for WTT in april
[20:25] <Titodutta> On What topic?
[20:26] <Tan_> @Subodh: About Wiki TEchnical Training: From this year MediaWiki Training and Wiki Technical Training are split. This year's Wiki Technical Training, we hope to do in mid-March, and it would be excellent if we do focus on specific areas. The first WTT might be on Wikipedia and specially content creation and enrichment. It might be in the third or fourth weekend in March 2018.
[20:27] <Tan_> @Varijaa: Wikipedia specific event
[20:27] <Anoop> @Tan related to Wikisource and Wikipedia
[20:27] <Satdeep> +1 Tanvir, for doing it in March 2018
[20:27] <Pranayraj> good @Tan
[20:27] <ABEL_> April second week exams
[20:28] <subodh> Pune can be good option for WTT
[20:28] <ABEL_> April second week all the christites will have their last dates for exams@tan
[20:28] <Varijaa> @Tan sorry, come again??
[20:29] <Tan_> @Varijaa: I mentioned that we can do a Bangalore specific event inclusing Christitites in April or May about WIkipedia
[20:30] <Varijaa> Yes. That's cool for christites too. Good decision @tan
[20:30] <Pavan89> @Tan To fit into their schedule, right!
[20:30] <Tan_> @Subodh: Ranchi seems to make sense for not just training but also for other reasons.
[20:30] <Titodutta> Just a note, we have 4+ topics for this IRC, perhaps we can finish WTT topic and move on in a few minutes?
[20:31] <Tan_> Also, since we are in agreement about ranchi, can we take up the next topic...
[20:31] <Manav> +1 @Tan
[20:31] <Titodutta> We agreed? ok
[20:31] <Satdeep> +1 @Tan
[20:31] <Manav> yes
[20:31] <Pavan89> Yes
[20:31] <Pranayraj> Yes
[20:31] <Titodutta> I was thinking Kolkata or Patiala though for it
[20:31] <Tulsi> Yep
[20:31] <Vinay> Okay @ Tito and @Tanvir
[20:31] <Titodutta> Anyway, Ranchi seems ok and actually good
[20:32] <Manav> we can have some other event in Punjab
[20:32] <Anoop> can we do in 2nd week?
[20:32] <Satdeep> Paying homage to Mr. Bhadani is really important right now. We can also invite his family members.
[20:33] <ABEL__> I can come to ranchi but I need clarification on the dates I can manage
[20:33] <Sumita> +1@Satdeep
[20:33] <Tan_> The second item on the agenda is: Needs Assessments and Grant proposal of CIS-A2K
[20:34] <Titodutta> Perhaps we can take this to mailing lists or preferably Meta now?
[20:34] <Tan_> @Abel: We will finalise dates and communicate them to you...
[20:34] <KCVelaga> @Tan_ Is it about the FDC proposal?
[20:34] <ABEL__> Thanks a lot@tan it will be a great experience for christites too:)
[20:34] <Sumita> we need trainning on wikidata and how to do better in image uploading towards quality image and valued image
[20:35] <ranjithraj_> What if we need a session on Wikipedata this march 2/3 at Hyderabad
[20:35] <Titodutta> Good point Sumita di
[20:36] <Titodutta> We have got number of feedack on Wikidata training requirements, perhaps we can start separately on it
[20:36] <Tan_> @Ranjith raj: march looks busy :(
[20:36] <ABEL__> We need training about how to portray a topic according to wikipedia standards, like the language or diplomacy in statements or deep knowledge of a subject or rather avoiding fancy words or something like that
[20:37] <vidyu44> hello
[20:37] <ranjithraj_> @krishna, can you do it in Hyderabad?
[20:38] <KCVelaga> +1 Tito, if needed we can have an exclusive for Wikidata and related issues, if needed. Let's stick to the agenda now
[20:38] <Sumita> we need training about creating category in commons while doing session for quality image and how to add category in wikidata
[20:39] <KCVelaga> @ranjithraj, Sure, we can plan one. We can have a one to one talk on this later. I'll be happy to do one.
[20:39] <Titodutta> Agree Krishna. Today's IRC is really exctiing. Can we put a pin on WTT and Wikidata and move on (we'll discuss further on Meta or Mailing lists or VPs)?
[20:39] <Sumita> march is ok for me
[20:39] <Tan_> @KC Velaga and Ranjith +1
[20:40] <Titodutta> @everyone, please feel free to sepak, we need your voice and expert views
[20:40] <KCVelaga> @Tito Agreed, Please go ahead with the second one.
[20:41] <Pavan89> @Tito +1 I and krishna can follow up on hyd Wikidata session and let's move acc. Schedule for now
[20:41] <Satdeep> Yes
[20:41] <Tan_> Agenda Item No 2: A2K team is writing its grant proposal for July 2018-June 2019. We would like to collaborative work with all communities and all projects that are important to Indic Wikimedians.
[20:41] <Satdeep> Let's move on to next topics
[20:41] <Varijaa> March is truly a bad period of time. Can we plan after mid april?
[20:41] <Titodutta> Umm, I'll move, before that any alarming question on WTT?
[20:42] <AshLin> Hi, sorry to join late. Net was down.
[20:42] <Tan_> We have tried to expand our focus from FLA model (4 languages) to Indic community centric model...
[20:43] <Tan_> Hence we are going to run a needs assessment surveys and invitation for collaboration model on mailing lists for Indic communities responses and suggestions
[20:43] <ABEL__> What is a Indic community central model?
[20:44] <Pavanaja> I have back to back editathons lined up till end of April. can't participate in any other event
[20:45] <Pavanaja> That means CIS-A2K is going to move away from FLAs?
[20:45] <Tan_> @Abel: At a very simple level it is to be able to work with all Indic communities and projects.
[20:45] <Pavanaja> Then what will be the duties of CAs?
[20:45] <Satdeep> I really like the idea to expand from the current model
[20:45] <Tan_> @Pavanaja: It means we will work with FLA+Indic language communities
[20:46] <Titodutta> FPA or Focused Project Area: You know CIS-A2K works with 4 languages in India with focused interest at his moment. Wr have got several feedback to work with new languages and projects. We have got a good number of feedback and suggestions that we should support projects of Indic languages. From this point, we are thinking of a new idea Focused Project Area (FPA). Focused Project Area does not mean CIS-A2K would support all the pr
[20:46] <Pavanaja> Which are going to behe new FLAs? Will they be the same?
[20:46] <Tan_> @Pavanja: CA's role will be FLA specific for FLA, Project specific for Indic projects that like to collaborate
[20:47] <Kiran> When Tito and gopal were here in mysore for "wildlife and wikipedia" workshop. A topic was discussed on how we can take people out for nature walk around mysore, head back and upload pictures to wikimedia Commons and also increase content in kannada wiki on wildlife. Just wanted to put up a perspective and seek suggestions.
[20:47] <Tan_> @Pavanaja: We have not decided on FLAs, we would like to discuss it with all the Indic communities before we make this decision
[20:47] <Pavanaja> It was deciced in the beginning itself, almost 2 years ago, that these 4 languages should be discontinued, and new languages should be taken up. Which will be discontinued and which will be taken up?
[20:47] <Satdeep> @Tito and @Tanvir, FLA+Indic language communities is a good idea
[20:48] <Titodutta> Your mean projects?
[20:48] <Titodutta> Or new languages?
[20:48] <Satdeep> Projects
[20:49] <Titodutta> Can you explain a little more.
[20:49] <Satdeep> CIS already has 4 focus languages.
[20:49] <Tan_> @Pavanaja: Not all of our engagement with FLA will come to an end. We will extend support. In what ratio and what resources will be discussed within the team.
[20:49] <Satdeep> The decision to start with new langauges and to discontinue with some can be a different discussion
[20:50] <ABEL__> Why to discontinue a language?
[20:50] <Titodutta> FLA is a concept we are working on for quite sometime, FLP (focused project) is a suggestion we have gor and also thinking on it after that
[20:50] <KCVelaga> @Titodutta, From what I have understood you'll be focusing on a project (say Wikisource for example) instead of one language
[20:50] <Satdeep> But, I think CIS can work with some communities on specific projects that those communities need help with.
[20:51] <Satdeep> Yes, Krishna. For example, Many Indic communities have started working actively on Wikipedia
[20:51] <Satdeep> and they are organizing edit-a-thons, trainings etc.
[20:52] <Satdeep> CIS can help those communities is some other projects that they need with.
[20:52] <Pavan89> @satdeep Wikidata?
[20:52] <Satdeep> For example, Government partnerships
[20:52] <Satdeep> Yes @Pavan. Wikidata is also a potential focus project.
[20:52] <ABEL_> What is FLA
[20:53] <ABEL_> What is it all about? This change?
[20:53] <Saileshpat> @Abel, FLA is Focus Language Area
[20:53] <Tan_> All projects are interesting projects. We would require a few active members to work with us and a brief plan...
[20:53] <Tan_> @Satdeep+1
[20:54] <Krishna> @Satdeep yes
[20:54] <Titodutta> Alright.
[20:54] <ABEL_> So what is the new idea.... indic system?@saileshpat
[20:54] <Pavanaja> We, Karavali Wikimedians have listed our plans/projects in our Meta page. What way CIS-A2K will help in these?
[20:54] <KCVelaga> @Satdeep, @Tan_ But in that case, taking Wikisource as example again, if you're focusing on the entire Wikisource, it would get complicated. Because te Wikisource is different English, en Wikisource is different from or Wikisource ... The execution has to be taken care, so that each community gets the required share.
[20:55] <Pavan89> @KCvelaga project doesn't mean a whole Wikimedia project
[20:55] <SoniWP__> Hi. Sorry I had some work so couldnt be here till now. Till what time is this IRC until?
[20:55] <Satdeep> @Krishna, a specific language Wikisource.
[20:55] <Titodutta> 30 mins or so
[20:56] <Sumita> why dont expert from one language help other Indic language in the project they hv already done or experienced like knowledge sharing through CIS
[20:56] <Krishna> @SoniWP_ may be till 9:30
[20:56] <Sumita> like cross team expertise
[20:56] <Tan_> @pavanaja: We will write an email formally and request time with Tulu community and discuss a possible collaboration...
[20:56] <Satdeep> That's a good idea. @Sumita
[20:57] <Manav> +1@Sumita Ji
[20:57] <Pavan89> @kcvelaga IM understanding, it is a kind of workable plan with specific idea, execution points and impact
[20:57] <Pavan89> Like women in red
[20:57] <Satdeep> @Tan and @Tito, How many FLPs does CIS think it can start in the initial phase ?
[20:58] <Pavan89> Isn't it @tan and @tito
[20:58] <KCVelaga> @Satdeep Got it. But won't specific language of a specific project be too small to spend a entire year to focus on that?
[20:58] <Tan_> @Satdeep: We would like to take a look at the plans and compatibility with our vision (A2K's strategic vision) only then we can decide on the number...
[20:59] <Titodutta> Perhaps we can move to our third topic?
[20:59] <Satdeep> @Tan, Okay! That's understandable
[21:00] <KCVelaga> @Tito, +1
[21:00] <Pavanaja> What way CIS-A2K will help with projects? Main requirement is finance. Is that possible?
[21:00] <Titodutta> Before that we can ask someone like Satdeep or Krishna to suggest how to proceed with this? I mean future activities? Should we discuss over VPs or mailing lists?
[21:00] <Tan_> @KC Velaga: FLA+FLP+Individual projects+Training events should keep the A2K team busy:)
[21:01] <Titodutta> Perhaps we can make it more inckusive
[21:01] <KCVelaga> Agree with Tito, @Tan_ Got it  :)
[21:01] <Tan_> @pavanaja: our role would not only be of resource coordination, it would be of partnership, idea incubation, design and implementing of projects.
[21:02] <Satdeep> I think floating this idea on mailing lists can be a good start
[21:02] <Tan_> @Pavanaja: If we can support Tulu community with grants in our Community support budget, we shall definitiely do that...
[21:02] <Satdeep> There can be community wide discussions at VPs with some interesting communities
[21:03] <Titodutta> We are getting a way too many questions, sorry friends, for that reason I am lazy enogh to move ahead. How to answer these questions? Put a pin and discuss on separate mailing thread, VP. Mailing list. more regular IRC?
[21:03] <Pavan89> +1 @satdeep & @tito
[21:04] <Titodutta> Alright moving ahead, unless you ahve any other question
[21:04] <KCVelaga> +1 Satdeep, may be a dedicated discussion page on meta will also do. Agree with Tito
[21:05] <Satdeep> I suggest a mailing list discussion first and then another IRC perhaps
[21:05] <Tan_> @Satdeep and Krishna +1
[21:05] <Tulsi> I can help you with MassMessage. Let me know
[21:05] <Titodutta> Great Tulis
[21:05] <Titodutta> We'll perhaps now come to the most interesting part of the IRC "Supporting Indic Wikipedia Projects" or Project Tiger
[21:06] <Satdeep> +1, Tito
[21:06] <Tulsi> Ok
[21:06] <Krishna> +1
[21:06] <Pranayraj> Ok
[21:07] <Titodutta> I hope you know about laptop and internet support. Any question from you or from your community members (such as what is the laptop config, how many people wil get laptop from a community. etc)?
[21:08] <Titodutta> Or any question about the process, or any suggestion, please ask
[21:08] <Sumita> what abt internet support
[21:08] <Sumita> is it cable or through SIM
[21:08] <Titodutta> Please explain Sumita di
[21:08] <Pavan89> Telugu Wikimedians are discussing about usefulness of laptop offline
[21:09] <Sumita> like I stay 6months at Kolkata and 6months Delhi
[21:09] <SoniWP__> I think she is asking if the internet support is via SIM cards and internet packs. Or a router or something stationary like that
[21:09] <Satdeep> @Sumita, It's going to be a portable hotspot device i believe. Like JioFi
[21:09] <Sumita> ok then good
[21:10] <Titodutta> We'll take care of it, unless you have a wired connection, I don't know what to do. Id we have a way to pay to somewhere per mon th, we'll do it
[21:10] <Sumita> ok thanks
[21:10] <Titodutta> Great.
[21:10] <Ravidreams> @sumita, the internet support is based on each one's need
[21:10] <Tan_> @Sumita: We will talk to all the scholarship recipients (Internet) before we finalise the mode of disbursement
[21:10] <Ravidreams> We will support what works best for you in the next six months
[21:11] <Sumita> thanks
[21:11] <Tan_> @Sumita: There is no one model both for the device and activation
[21:12] <Titodutta> Please feel free to ask question on behalf of you or your community. If you don't understand about the proces or distribution.
[21:12] <Sumita> pls explain
[21:12] <svdk> After receiving minimum edit for momth etc rules
[21:13] <Sumita> ok
[21:13] <KCVelaga> @Tito @Tan_ Some of the users have asked me whether they've to return the equipment later on or not. Please clarify on the Meta of the project.
[21:13] <Titodutta> Return to? WMF pr Google?
[21:14] <Sumita> any training regardin 3D models?
[21:14] <KCVelaga> @Tito, they're not sure, just to the ones to who gave it to them.
[21:15] <Tan_> @sumita: I meant that we will not be following set model for internet
[21:15] <Sumita> how to create 3D models? any training!
[21:15] <Sumita> ok @tanveer
[21:16] <Bodhisattwa> @Sumitadi, out of opic, please discuss in the chat group
[21:16] <Ravidreams> @KCVelaga: You can keep the devices for ever
[21:16] <Ravidreams> No need to return
[21:16] <Sumita> ok @Bodhi
[21:16] <Titodutta> Yes
[21:16] <Manav> But ravi what if sm1 leaves editing after a while
[21:17] <Ravidreams> Internet stipend is for 6 months. After that you may need to bear the cost as usual unless the pilot is scaled and continued in some way.
[21:17] <Titodutta> 3d Model, didi, if we get time, after fixed agenda we'll surely discuss
[21:17] <Sumita> ok @Tito
[21:17] <Tan_> @Manav: Assume Good Faith:)
[21:17] <SoniWP__> @Manav
[21:17] <Ravidreams> @Manav, that is ok. Such cases will only be few
[21:18] <SoniWP__> @Manav that just means the initial decision of who to give laptops to has to be carefully made, right?
[21:18] <Titodutta> Any question on when these laptops will be given, or who will decide who wil get alptops and internet etc?
[21:18] <KCVelaga> @Ravi, it would be great if you can add that point on the Meta Page
[21:18] <Titodutta> Please also see mails on Wikimedia India mailing list for updates
[21:19] <Manav> ok
[21:19] <Ravidreams> @SoniWP_ of course, choose recipients based on past contributions and community endorsements
[21:19] <Ravidreams> A user can stop contributing for many reasons and may come even after years. Let's just assume good faith and not complicated with more rules.
[21:19] <Manav> okk
[21:19] <Satdeep> @Tito, It will be good have a tentative timeline
[21:19] <svdk> my openion is ,if user busy in other work ,not able to contrubute,if he want to return,then we can give to community active contrubitor
[21:19] <Satdeep> regarding the distribution of devices
[21:20] <Bodhisattwa> +1 svdk
[21:20] <Ravidreams> @KCVelega, will clarify on Meta
[21:20] <Satdeep> +1 svdk
[21:20] <Ravidreams> We expect to finish all resource distribution by late March
[21:20] <Titodutta> I stress on SVDK's point also (Bodhi +1-ed before me)
[21:20] <Ravidreams> Decision should be out by first week of March
[21:20] <Ravidreams> The community review team will decide who gets the support
[21:20] <Manav> have we specified a number for the devices to be distributed in a specific community
[21:21] <Ravidreams> The team is announced here -
[21:21] <Satdeep> @Ravi, Perfect! That's quick.
[21:21] <Tan_> @svdk, it might be a little complicated at our level, but let me clarify this point from our end and we shall add info on meta
[21:21] <Satdeep> Do we plan to ship the devices ?
[21:22] <KCVelaga> @SVDK, that is a great idea. Perhaps a tracking page created, and all those users who wish to transfer their equipment can list on that, and users who need it request on it. May be some team will review the requests
[21:22] <Pavanaja> Is there any formula like no. of devices per language/community?
[21:22] <Ravidreams> @Pavanaja, we hope to provide at least 2 device for each language community
[21:22] <Ravidreams> at least 10 devices for women
[21:22] <Jayprakash12345> Hello Everyone
[21:22] <Ravidreams> Rest will be based on an open pool
[21:22] <Satdeep> Hi Jay
[21:23] <Ravidreams> @KCVelaga Communities are always open to exchange devices
[21:23] <Ravidreams> But the intent here is to make the users feel comfortable and trusted
[21:23] <Ravidreams> and not let them feel tracked
[21:23] <Ravidreams> It is ok if some cannot contribute for some reason
[21:23] <Ravidreams> Program's impact will be based on overall effectiveness
[21:24] <Tan_> @KC Velaga and Ravi, transfer of devices might be a problem at our level, can I please request some time before we take a call on that
[21:24] <Krishna> Welcome Jay.
[21:25] <KCVelaga> @Tan_ Wonderful, thanks :)
[21:25] <SoniWP__> I personally like the current system proposed. Even if someone is selected, editing wikipedia must not feel like an obligation to anyone.
[21:26] <Jayprakash12345> Thanks, a) Wiki Technical Training hosted by CIS-A2K this has done?
[21:26] <Ravidreams> @SoniWP_ Precisely
[21:26] <Ravidreams> That is the idea
[21:26] <Ravidreams> Especially because of a corporate partner involved, we don't want to make it sound like a deal
[21:26] <Krishna> Yes. @Jay
[21:26] <Ravidreams> "We give laptops, you edit, Ok?" ;)
[21:26] <Saileshpat> Haha
[21:27] <KCVelaga> @Jay, yes, we're done on that point.
[21:27] <Krishna> Please read the log once its over.
[21:27] <Pavan89> Ravidreams: +1
[21:27] <Bodhisattwa> I disagree Ravi
[21:28] <Bodhisattwa> there needs to be accountability
[21:28] <Jayprakash12345> KCVelaga: Oh
[21:28] <Ravidreams> There is always soft accountability for all Wikipedia users
[21:29] <Titodutta> Lost connection, sorry :(
[21:29] <Ravidreams> based on your past credentials and reputation
[21:29] <Pavanaja> Will it be laptop, netbook or Chromebook?
[21:29] <Saileshpat> Tito, I am keeping the log. Don't worry :)
[21:29] <Bodhisattwa> If someone asks for grant, he is expected to finish the project and submit a report. This project provides logistics, why shouldnt there be any accountability
[21:30] <Tan_> @Pavanaja: It is chromebook
[21:30] <Ravidreams> @Pavanaja - Chromebooks
[21:31] <Bodhisattwa> if people are not accountable to provide output, then wht is the purpose of this project? giftng chromebooks or internet to whoever gets selected?
[21:31] <Gaurav_> Hii everyone... Sidy
[21:31] <Ravidreams> We are looking at accountability at the project level
[21:31] <Ravidreams> not the individual level
[21:31] <Gaurav_> Sorry for late..
[21:31] <SoniWP__> But arent grants for fixed time periods? Do you really prefer defining definite time periods for which an individual must continue editing?
[21:31] <Pavanaja> Chromebooks are useless without Internet. We don't get any Internet in remote villages. that is where the real deserving people stay. We discussed this hevaily in FB chat
[21:31] <Ravidreams> If 45 out of 50 have made good use of the chromebooks, it is still a significant impact and there is a case for scaling
[21:32] <Pavanaja> I asled one applicant what is the Internet speed she gets at her village. She said 30kbps
[21:32] <svdk> ok,Cis2k and community can make some condition during distrubution
[21:32] <Bodhisattwa> if the rest 5 people dont make good use of this project, then they should return it to some other active members
[21:32] <Ravidreams> This program is about empowering people to contribute at their free will
[21:32] <Ravidreams> and trusting it
[21:32] <Ravidreams> This is not based on commitment for future edits
[21:32] <Satdeep> I think communities can keep that check instead of WMF or CIS
[21:33] <Pavanaja> Time for dinner. I am leaving. Bye
[21:33] <Ravidreams> @Pavanja, we will try to solve problems that we can solve
[21:33] <Gaurav_> Agree with satdeep
[21:33] <SoniWP__> +1
[21:33] <Tan_> @Pavanaja:Chromebooks are a pilot project, hopefully we will scale it up and provide better resources.
[21:33] <Tan_> @satdeep+1
[21:33] <Titodutta> It was a bit rude
[21:33] <Gaurav_> Local community can take a call if it comes about performance evaluation
[21:34] <Ravidreams> @Bodhisattwa: Soft accountability exists in various levels even without formal reporting/tracking mechanisms
[21:34] <Bodhisattwa> Lets face reality, Ravi, people are there who misuse trust quite often
[21:34] <Ravidreams> For example, if someone visits Wikimania after Wikimania without giving back anything for the community his reputation will be questioned
[21:35] <Ravidreams> Same for applying need based support when someone is super rich
[21:35] <svdk> 50:50 its better
[21:35] <Ravidreams> So, basically there are enough soft community dynamics to check the effective use of resources provided
[21:35] <Satdeep> +1 Ravi
[21:35] <Bodhisattwa> Soft community dynamics dont work everytime,
[21:36] <Titodutta> Explain Bodhi
[21:36] <Ravidreams> The point is it doesn't need to work everytime
[21:36] <Ravidreams> The intent is not to keep everyone at gun point if they will contribute
[21:36] <SoniWP__> I need to leave soon. Is there another point of discussion left for this IRC?
[21:36] <Ravidreams> The point is to identify everyone who genuinely needs and support her
[21:36] <Satdeep> Okay! I need to go now! It was a really good discussion. Thank you :)
[21:36] <Bodhisattwa> My point is, there should be accountability and specific delivery of output
[21:37] <Ravidreams> So, even if all 49 will misuse trust, it is still ok if we have supported one genuine person
[21:37] <Ravidreams> If there are 100 more genuine people waiting to receive support, we will implement programs to support them
[21:38] <Ravidreams> @Bodhisattwa: //accountability and specific delivery of output// Agreed. Just that this program, as a design principle, does that at a program level
[21:38] <Ravidreams> and not an individual level
[21:38] <KCVelaga> As this is a pilot, lessons can be learned from it, and we can improvise in future. Again, adding to Bodhi, users who have shown good progress, and reported their impact, may be given further support.
[21:38] <Tan_> May I suggest that we open the IRC for any other items that were not listed on the agenda?
[21:38] <Anoop-Rao> :Ravidreams :heavy_check_mark:
[21:39] <Ravidreams> Because the intent is to scale this heavily across many regions
[21:39] <Ravidreams> at scale, individual tracking is not an effective way
[21:39] <Ravidreams> Let me give you another example: We give free wifi at schools and railway stations
[21:39] <Bodhisattwa> program level - fine, but also need to be done at individual level
[21:39] <SoniWP__> d) Wikimedia Conference (India): India-level conference
[21:39] <Ravidreams> Some may question the utility of it if everyone is using it for good purpose
[21:39] <SoniWP__> I am not sure if this point was discussed or not
[21:40] <Tan_> Meanwhile here is a quick summary of todya's IRC: 1. Wikidata Training in Hyderabad in April 2. WTT in Ranchi in March, 3. Bangalore specific WTT in Christ in May
[21:40] <Titodutta> Agreed, too many topics, too many questions, perhaps splitting would be better.
[21:40] <Tan_> 4. New Collaboration of A2K on mailing list and meta for discussion 5. Project Tiger Progress and Contest Discussions
[21:40] <Ravidreams> But, the utility is in making the resource availble for a productive user not tracking what everyone is browsing
[21:41] <Ravidreams> For a change, this is one hell of an IRC ;0
[21:41] <Bodhisattwa> the analogy of free wifi in stations is not similar to the project here
[21:41] <Ravidreams> Usually, we have few participants and comments
[21:41] <Ravidreams> I am excited
[21:41] <SoniWP__> @Bodhi and @Ravi, I recommend taking this discussion to mailing lists or Meta maybe. Otherwise the rest of us will be here till midnight :)
[21:41] <Ravidreams> @bodhisattwa, the idea of exchanging/retrieving devices comes from a scarcity standpoint
[21:41] <Gaurav_> Bodhisattwa +1
[21:42] <Ravidreams> That is why an earlier edition of this program declared that as a community asset and asked to return if it is not put to good use
[21:42] <KCVelaga> +1 @Soni
[21:42] <Manav> in a way I agree with bodhi
[21:42] <Ravidreams> Now, we have the resources to scale and hence that check is not needed
[21:42] <Ravidreams> @SoniWp_ Ha ha
[21:42] <Ravidreams> I stop :)
[21:42] <Tan_> @Soni: WMCON India needs a little more prep work from our side, can we discuss this over another IRC or on meta. I apologise for the inconvenience.
[21:43] <Bodhisattwa> having resources doesnt mean it can be misused
[21:43] <SoniWP__> Alright. In that case, I also need to leave. Goodnight all
[21:43] <Tan_> Did I miss anything in the sum-up?
[21:44] <Ravidreams> @Bodhisattwa, we will find another venue to continue the discussion
[21:44] <Bodhisattwa> @Ravi, from my experience, people misuse trust, thats the reality, and if you donot have any checking point at the individual level, the project will be just a gifting ceremony
[21:44] <KCVelaga> @Tan_ Sumit's idea on 3D model creation
[21:44] <Suyash> Hi room sorry for late joining
[21:45] <Jayprakash12345> Suyash: Hello
[21:45] <Ravidreams> @Bodhisattwa, the results of the pilot will be a good way to check the effectiveness
[21:45] <Titodutta> Ha, yeah, we are almost done,
[21:46] <Jayprakash12345> I think we can go on d) Wikimedia Conference (India): India-level conference
[21:46] <Tan_> @KC Velaga Yes:)
[21:46] <Bodhisattwa> Its your choice Ravi
[21:46] <Suyash> Ya point d
[21:46] <Ravidreams> @bodhisattwa, I appreciate the feedback :)
[21:46] <Suyash> Hi Manav
[21:46] <Manav_> yes
[21:46] <Manav_> Hi suyash Ji
[21:47] <Sumita> @Suyash pls scroll up and up
[21:47] <Suyash> Okay
[21:48] <Tan_> @Suyash: <Tan_> @Soni: WMCON India needs a little more prep work from our side, can we discuss this over another IRC or on meta. I apologise for the inconvenience.
[21:48] <Titodutta> We are a way late, perhaps we shpuld start closing my friends?
[21:48] <Suyash> @Tito okay
[21:49] <Titodutta> However it would be great to see how we would go next?
[21:49] <Sumita> quick summary of todya's IRC by @Tanveer: 1. Wikidata Training in Hyderabad in April 2. WTT in Ranchi in March, 3. Bangalore specific WTT in Christ in May 4. New Collaboration of A2K on mailing list and meta for discussion 5. Project Tiger Progress and Contest Discussions
[21:49] <Titodutta> I noticed a way too many questions pinned
[21:49] <Manav_> ok
[21:50] <Sumita> for @Suyash
[21:50] <Titodutta> A few more things @Sumita di
[21:50] <Sumita> yes pls add
[21:50] <Suyash> Thanks Sumita di
[21:50] <Titodutta> Focused language area, Project Tiger questions
[21:50] <KCVelaga> @Tito, It would be great if we can do an IRC dedicated to Wikidata in the coming couple of weeks
[21:50] <Tan_> +1
[21:51] <Titodutta> Agreed Krishna, Tan
[21:51] <Pavan89> KCVelaga: +1
[21:51] <Sumita> +1
[21:51] <Suyash> Yesterday I did a Wiki data workshop at MANIT Bhopal
[21:51] <Saileshpat> Thank you everyone for joining :)
[21:51] <Saileshpat> Bye!
[21:51] <Sumita> great Suyash
[21:52] <Titodutta> @Sumita di, as you have started summarizing, it wlould be super awesome if you can prepare a report of this IRC (of course we'll be there with you).
[21:52] <Titodutta> Please let us know
[21:52] <Sumita> Thanks Sailesh and all
[21:52] <Sumita> will try Tito
[21:53] <Titodutta> Awesome Sumita di,
[21:53] <Titodutta> Any question before we finish?
[21:53] <Vinay> Nope @Tito
[21:54] <KCVelaga> @Sumita di, I can help you with the summarizing work
[21:54] <Jayprakash12345> Tito: Yes
[21:54] <kritzolina> Not a question, but just quick regards from my side
[21:54] <Jayprakash12345> What is the diss outcome of a) Wiki Technical Training hosted by CIS-A2K
[21:54] <kritzolina> I joined late because of a conflicting meeting and did not want to interrupt when I came in
[21:54] <Tan_> @All: Thank you very much for your participation and discussion...
[21:54] <Titodutta> Alright guys, on behalf on Indian Wikimedia volunteers, and Project Tiger and Wikimedia India, and CIS-A2K we thank you all for joining this IRC. I t was super-awesome. :)
[21:54] <kritzolina> but so happy to see such lively discussions :)
[21:54] <Pavan89> Thanks everyone for such a great ideas and discussion
[21:55] <Suyash_> What Will be the criteria to select perfect user for laptops, net connections
[21:55] <KCVelaga> Thanks everyone. Good night :)
[21:55] <Saileshpat> Hi Suyash and Jayprakash, we will send the IRC log in the mailing list
[21:56] <Sumita> Thanks kritzolina for joining and thanks Krishna
[21:56] <Saileshpat> You can find the discussion about the criteria and WTT there :)
[21:56] <Suyash_> Thanks you

[21:56] <Suyash_> Okay thanks Shailesh
[21:56] <Saileshpat> :)
[21:57] <Suyash_> :)
[21:57] <Suyash_> So Good night friends
[21:57] <Saileshpat> Forwarding Tito's message again ;)
[21:57] <Saileshpat> <Titodutta> Alright guys, on behalf on Indian Wikimedia volunteers, and Project Tiger and Wikimedia India, and CIS-A2K we thank you all for joining this IRC. I t was super-awesome. :)
[21:57] <Titodutta> Alright, perhaps we can finish the discussion now, MANY thanks for joining. Please ping me personally if you think some question remained unanswered
[21:57] <Titodutta> Good night