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Conflict of interest editing

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This is an overview of community policies related to conflict of interest (COI) editing of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Paid editing is sometimes a type of conflict of interest editing.


French (fr)
User name policy :[1]. Accounts name using names of famous people or trademarked brands are discouraged. However, a certain degree of tolerance is admitted (see for example
A policy of COI exist. But declaration of COI (=I work for) is not required. Respect of policies is required
Paid editing is ok as long as the usual policies are respected (npov, sources etc.)
Italian (it)
Extremely strict as regards usernames which contain or equal the names of entities or internet domains (blocked on sight); editing articles about yourself is strongly discouraged but not forbidden; COI is a tough matter and there are no clear rules.
Interested users are mostly trying to get outsiders understand how Wikipedia works; a good example is the unofficial "marketing for dummies" guide (warning! it's very draco-style, and if you don't know what I mean be really careful).
Best practice for Wikimedia partnerships: "Share Your Knowledge" which discourages partners from editing articles about themselves or adding links to their website by themselves. Only rare exceptions are suggested.
Russian (ru)
A policy on account names does not exist, there is a draft policy which is currently not under discussion. The common practice is to forcibly rename accounts which use trademarked brands.
A COI policy does not exist, there is a draft policy which is currently not under discussion.

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