Community Tech/Phabricator Criteria for Community Tech

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We, the Community Tech, have published this set of criteria to determine if a task belongs in our Phabricator board.

We are both happy and grateful to work to help the community. This includes Phabricator tasks created by volunteers. We really appreciate the work that goes into creating these tasks!

We are responsible for and maintain most of the tools we created in the past and create now. There are many of them, and we want to keep creating new ones. For each of all tools we maintain, a portion of our time and energy goes to other goals rather than generation of necessary new tools the communities vote for.

The basics[edit]

In order for a task to be tagged with Community Tech, it must be associated with one of two: a wish the Community Tech maintains or a tool Community Tech currently develops.

  1. Tasks associated with tool we maintain must be software bugs. They may not be new feature requests for the tool. Feature requests must be submitted for voting in the Community Wishlist Survey.
  2. Tasks associated with tool we are currently developing can include new features. Please share your ideas in the respective project talk page rather than Phabricator. In the past, we accepted some ideas as Phabricator tasks.

Active development of a tool[edit]

When we develop a new tool, we welcome ideas for its functionality. We usually gather this feedback in the respective project talk page. We create a project label for each of these tools. You can watch them as we decide what is the priority. This usually includes the core functionality to make the tool valuable and usable. We also include more ambitious goals for the tool. We work on them if time and resources allow us to fulfill them.

Active maintenance of a tool[edit]

  • Smaller Bugs: Annoyances in usability of the tool that do not impede its functionality. We often do not work on these types of bugs, but still routinely assess them every two weeks and work on them when we have time for them.

Passive maintenance of a tool[edit]

When we maintain a tool, we assess bug reports associated with the tool. Since we maintain so many tools and create new ones, our assessment is as follows:

  • "Unbreak Now" bugs: Bugs that make the tool go down or impede any of its basic functionality. We strive to fix these types of bugs as soon as we reasonably can. We assess once every two weeks, but monitor incoming bugs daily, especially these kinds.