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For the new (as of 2018) team, see mw:Growth.
This page documents the team that existed from 2012-2015. More information about it can be found at mw:Growth/Growth 2014.

The purpose of the Growth team at the Wikimedia Foundation is to find ways to attract and retain new Wikipedia editors. The project launched on April 16, 2012 as the "Editor Engagement Experiments" (e3) team, and is hiring several full-time engineering positions for this team. Also see the other editor engagement projects. In 2013, the group changed its name to "Growth" to more clearly reflect its goal.


The following pages hold the methodology, experimental design and results of each experiment.

experiment in progress Research:Task recommendations
experiment in progress Research:Anonymous editor acquisition
experiment in progress Research:Asking anonymous editors to register
experiment in progress Research:Anonymous phenomena
experiment in progress Donor email campaigns
completed experiment Research:Onboarding new Wikipedians
completed experiment Research:GuidedTour usage
completed experiment Research:Wikipedia article creation
completed experiment Research:Newcomer survival models
completed experiment Microsurveys, e.g. Research:Gender micro-survey in support of VisualEditor
completed experiment Research:Account creation UX
completed experiment Research:Donor engagement
completed experiment Research:Community portal redesign
completed experiment Research:Post-registration editor survey
completed experiment Research:Post-edit feedback
completed experiment Template A/B testing
completed experiment Research:Necromancy
completed experiment Research:Timestamp position modification
completed experiment Research:Editor milestones
Proposals and ideas
planned experiment Research:Section edit modification
planned experiment Research:Improve your edit
planned experiment Research:Wikimania unconference experiment (suppress cleanup templates)
planned experiment Research:Left-hand navigation


The current team includes:

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