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Egypt Wikimedians is a Wikimedian user group that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Egypt, supporting Egyptian Wikimedians, and becoming the recognized chapter in Egypt. Recognized by WMF affiliations committee in July 2014.

Who can join?[edit]

If you live in Egypt, then you can participate in our events in person, if you live in other countries you still can participate in any activity or project we have online. Feel free to add your name to the interested members list below and to ask any questions on the discussion page.

Projects and Activities[edit]

Education and outreach[edit]

Wikimedians in Egypt plan to get involved in the Egypt Education Program to help choose the right ambassadors representing Wikipedia in Egyptian Universities. We will also hold activities to support the program and outreach of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in Education institutions and other cultural places aiming at rising the awareness of Wikimedia projects.

Group activities[edit]

The user group plans to hold and support the following activities:

  • Edit-a-thons to help new Wikipedians learn editing techniques, to enrich content about Egypt or work on and develop a certain topic.
  • Meetings for the Wikimedians in Egypt to exchange ideas and to check what support do they need to continue editing Wikipedia.
  • Editing contests to encourage existing users edit Wikipedia and to encourage non-users join.
  • Photography trips and contests to encourage users upload photos to commons.

Keep in touch[edit]

Upcoming events[edit]

Interested Members[edit]

  1. Samir ElSharbaty
  2. Ahmed Mohi
  3. Mohamed Ouda
  4. Ibrahim Elaidy
  5. Meno25
  6. May Hachem93
  7. Helanafola
  8. Ahmad.aea.99
  9. محمد أحمد عبد الفتاح
  10. ashashyou
  11. محمد صلاح حلمي
  12. لا روسا
  13. MidooDj
  14. Touzrimounir
  15. Abbas
  16. محمد عصام
  17. Masssly
  18. --Frank Schulenburg (talk) 04:07, 3 August 2014 (UTC) (حازم)
  19. nan deko
  20. RolandUnger
  21. Merik Egy
  22. Emad Hamed
  23. Hager Alaa ElDin
  24. Reem Al-Kashif
  25. Fitzcarmalan
  26. Eman Khodier
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