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Project summary[edit]

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Title of project: Faculty of Economics Skopje

Start date of project: 21 April 2013

End date of project: 15 June 2013

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The project deals with implementing modern techniques in the curriculum by introducing the Wikimedia projects, lectures related to some aspects to the Wikis, and inviting a guest-speaker from an eminent university to speak on specific topic.

About this grantee[edit]

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  • Who will receive funding?
    an individual
  • What is the name or Username of the grantee?
    Igor Sazdovski
  • In which country is this grantee located?
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    Igor Sazdovski
  • Please provide a brief description of this person / people / organization.
    Igor Sazdovski is a post-graduate student in Statistics for Business and Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economic sciences and works as a Demonstrator in several subjects in the field of Statistics at the faculty.
  • Briefly, explain why you, as flow funder, have confidence in this organization to execute these activities successfully.
    I believe that this project will be successful because it will be executed by a person who has strong links with the other staff members at the faculty. The introduction of modern techniques in the curriculum is, reportedly, strongly supported by the professors that are directly concerned with this project. Having a guest-speaker from an eminent university abroad who will provide free knowledge to the students combined with the introduction of the Wikimedia projects at the same time is likely to make a positive impact on the publicity and development of the Wikimedia Movement in Macedonia.

About this project's potential for impact[edit]

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The activities as part of the project will be executed at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. Most of the lectures will be in Macedonian, with the guest-speaker giving a lecture in English. Through providing free knowledge (one given by the lecturer) to the audience, the role of the Wikimedia Movement in promoting the free knowledge and the free educational resources will be proven to the general public. Meanwhile, the students will be given assignments to edit articles on topics in the field of statistics on the Wikimedia projects in Macedonian. The audience at the lectures will not only include students at the faculty, and staff members from other faculties and other economic dignitaries in the country will be invited as well. This will have to provide more publicity about the mission and the goals of the Wikimedia Movement in Macedonia and to attract interest to implement similar projects with similar means in other institutions. Since the guest-speaker will come from an eminent university abroad, there is the possibility to generate impact in his host country as well.

The responsibility to monitor the activities and how the students do their assignments will be borne by the professors and assisting teachers. People from the Wikimedia-community in Macedonia may be included in the process as well. All the assignments will include creating or expanding articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia or creating courses on Macedonian Wikibooks. The success of the project will be measured by the number of attendees at the event, the number of articles created or expanded, and the total number of students reached with the project.

Financial details[edit]

  • Total amount requested: €1,420
  • Currency requested: EUR
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD): $1,846
List of expenses to be covered through flow funding
# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
1 Transportation transportation to the airport 25 one-way ticket 2 EUR 50
2 Travelling air ticket to Skopje 400 two-way ticket 1 EUR 400
3 Accommodation accommodation in hotel for the guest-speaker 130 night 2 EUR 260
4 Compensation compensation for the guest-speaker 500 / / EUR 500
5 Food meals for the guest-speaker during his stay 20 meal 4 EUR 80
6 Other expenses adjustments made to the transportation, travelling and accommodation expenses 130 / / EUR 130
Total: EUR 1,420

List of savings (expenses covered by other parties)
# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
1 Venue room where the lectures will take place 200 day 2 EUR 400
2 Technical equipment computer, video projector with projection screen, sound system, board, Wi-fi 75 day 2 EUR 150
3 Technical support technicians installing and maintaining the equipment in the venue 60 person/2 days 2 EUR 120
4 Security security members in the venue 50 person/2 days 2 EUR 100
5 Local transportation transportation to the hotel, venue, restaurants, etc. 30 / / EUR 30
Total: EUR 800