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Grants:PEG/FF portal/Recommendations/Transite

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Project summary


Provide a few basic details about this project.

Title of project: Transite

Start date of project: July 1st 2013

End date of project: June 30 2014

Please provide a brief description of the project.

Grantee will cycle 17,000 km around the country to research and make a photographic registry of bicycle users throughout Brazil, establishing a conversation with locals along the way about photography, cycling and free culture, with strong online activity. This grant would fund only a small part of the project, but will enable him to devote time to train people in the arts and bicycle communities throughout the country to upload images to Wikimedia Commons and apply them on Wikipedia.

About this grantee


Please describe the person / group / organization you are recommending. Please review eligibility requirements here.

  • Who will receive funding?
    a group (not incorporated)
  • What is the name or Username of the grantee?
    Felipe Baenninger and Transite team
  • In which country is this grantee located?
  • What is the name or Username of the project lead(s) responsible for this project?
    User:Felipe Baenninger
    felipebaenninger zat gmail zot com
  • Please provide a brief description of this person / people / organization.
    photographer, bicycle activist, free culture activist
  • Briefly, explain why you, as flow funder, have confidence in this organization to execute these activities successfully.
    I've seen Felipe's work in exhibitions and it's high quality. The team already committed to free a decent part of the content produced under a free license without even knowing there could be a grant. They are part of a cycloactivist collective that manages a coworking space and are thus administratively reliable. Felipe himself participated in a series of Wiki plus Free Culture meetings I organized during 2010 and 2011.

About this project's potential for impact


Please summarize how this project will help further Wikimedia's mission or meet our strategic goals.

  • It has most of its impact in Brazil
  • It promotes wikimedia's mission among photographers and art and bicycle activists that have vision alignment and produce much content
  • People throughout the country will learn how to upload to Wikimedia Commons, include images in Wikipedia, and about the values of our movement
  • Images of cities, people and roads all over Brazil will be uploaded to Commons by people reached during the trip (and also, regardless of this grant, professional grade images by Felipe)
  • It will be a first door opened to some groups of artists and activists that have a lot to contribute, that could be candidates for the grants program, but don't have familiarity with the Wikimedia Movement.
  • The project in its planning phase is already getting press attention, so it will bring visibility to Wikimedia's mission

Financial details

  • Total amount requested: 3000 BRL
  • Currency requested: BRL
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD): 1500
# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
Project website improvements To reflect wiki related activities 600 1 1 BRL 600
Travel from São Paulo (SP) to Porto Alegre (RS) starting the journey 400 1 1 BRL 400
Travel from Belém (PA) to São Paulo (SP) returning home 500 1 1 BRL 500
Battery for computer project was donated a computer without a battery 500 1 1 BRL 500
Mobile Internet connection for the workshops and media uploading 50 1 12 BRL 600
Bike maintenance and parts expected to wear off when traveling that long 400 1 1 BRL 400
Total: BRL 3000

The above budget supplements this budget table for the whole project (R$20,600.00)