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Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all human knowledge.

You know how valuable Wikipedia is to you...Here’s what you may not know.


You know Wikipedia as the website which can answer most of your questions. But hosting the world's largest encyclopedia is only part of what the Wikimedia Foundation sets out to do. The Wikimedia Foundation is also empowering underrepresented world communities with little or no access to educational resources.

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Considering that nearly two billion children in the world receive little or no education, this is important work.


Through diverse partnerships, the Wikimedia Foundation has been able to bring Wikipedia to remote corners of the world. It is also effectively helping languages that are not well represented on the worldwide web by providing them with tools to share their uniqueness. With your support of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia and its sister projects can provide a home to these languages in one of the world’s largest and free virtual library, as well as provide world citizens with a forum for cultural interaction.

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We need your help to do more! The Wikimedia Foundation relies entirely on donations, and with your support we can continue to serve you and bring knowledge tools to those world citizens who need them the most.

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