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Grants:APG/Funds Dissemination Committee/FDC Recommendation Table

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Purpose of this document

This is the table that the FDC will use to capture their funding decisions and rationale for applying entities in each round.

FDC Recommendation Table

Staff to complete FDC to complete
Entity name Amount allocated / retained in previous year+ (if applicable) Amount proposed this year % growth (this year's request / last year's funding) Summary staff assessment (few or no substantial concerns, some substantial concerns, or many substantial concerns about the entity's proposal) Comments and observations FDC recommended allocation
Org 1 $XX $XX XX% Few or no substantial concerns Plan is well-developed, innovative, and fits well with strategic priorities $XX
Org 2 ... ... ... ... ... ...
Total $XX $XX XX% $XX

+ This refers to funds allocated or retained through Wikimedia processes (e.g., Wikimedia Grants Program or payment processing)