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General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus

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I have been forwarded an e-mail by the project manager of the Reporting processes and tools - European Environment Agency, Mr Stefan Jensen. In it he states that he has offered a 5200 word glossary with translations in 20+ languages (of the word) and descriptions of the words in a few.

The data is currently hosted at GEMET. [1] There are several ways of integrating the data into wiktionary.

  1. Load the data for one language into a clean wikipedia environment; using the templates with the ISO 639 codes for translation as can be done in en: and is done as a rule on nl:.
  2. Load the data for all non existing data into the life wiktionary
  3. Load the data with all the translation bits in all languages. When there are no definitions, the word in the language that DOES have the description is created and a link to the wiktionary that has it is created.

The idea of the EEA is to host this as open content.

Alpha version of OmegaWiki


The alpha version of OmegaWiki, also the first data to be hosted using the Wikidata technology can be found here. It does host the GEMET data, it was made available to the public on Boxing Day 2005.


  1. EIONET GEMET thesaurus www.eionet.europa.eu