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In February 2015 Wikimedia Grantmaking and Programs became part of Community Engagement. The team that now manages all grant programs is called Community Resources. Other Community Engagement teams formerly located within Grantmaking include Learning and Evaluation, Wikipedia Education Program and The Wikipedia Library.

Members of the Community Resources team in San Francisco, March 2014


The Community Resources team supports the IdeaLab, a place for ideas that benefit the Wikimedia movement.
The Community Resources team increases the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge by supporting mission-allied organizations and people around the world.

We want to empower our grant recipients and other community members to,

  • plan and execute effective and innovative initiatives focused on Wikimedia projects
  • share ideas, strategies and innovations with the wider movement
  • have strong and effective governance, including fiscal accountability
  • increase and diversify participation in free knowledge within their communities.

We do this through,

  • providing guidance during the application process
  • distributing funds
  • enabling capacity building
  • developing frameworks for learning, evaluation and impact
  • building relationships with potential partners and allies.

Grant programs[edit]

Travel and Participation Support

Travel funding to participate in mission-aligned events.
Individual Engagement Grants

Comprehensive support for individual and small team projects focused on online impact.
Project and Event Grants

Expenses related to organizing events and running projects. For individuals, groups and organizations.
Annual Plan Grants

Funding the annual budgets and mission objectives of affiliated organizations.

We provide resources (including grants) to individuals, groups and organizations working on building community and growing content on Wikimedia-related projects and sites — Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, WikiSource, Wiktionary and other sister projects — as well as related open knowledge projects. We provide guidance and support to grantees and applicants while they are developing their ideas, throughout the application process, when they receive their grants, while they are doing their projects, and after projects are complete; we lead or support decision-making processes for grants, including supporting our grants committees in our community-led decision-making processes; and we build relationships with potential partners and allies.

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