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Program Evaluation Voluntary Reporting[edit]

We cordially invite all program leaders to share the data you have been collecting to evaluate your programs (i.e., Edit-a-thons, Editing Workshops, On-wiki Writing Contests, Photo Events, etc.).

To best prepare, preview the reporting items and start gathering that data about your programs.

When you are ready to begin, you will find the reporting collector HERE

Last year, we were honored to have so many program leaders willing to report whatever data they could. Many have benefitted from those first reports. We know everyone has been tracking and collecting more than ever before and we are excited to have program leaders continue to report their porograms. We will be looking for your reports and reaching out to offer support in reporting. If you are planning to report, let us know so that we can help best.

Have you been tracking these data in a different way that you would like to share with us, or have you already reported these data elsewhere? No problem, we are happy to have you share in another format, just enter the collector and complete the information that is relevant and share links to other documentation. You can ask questions directly on the reporting form preview or on our portal talk page. If you need to include something that doesn't work within the data collection system, please message eval@wikimedia.org and we can work out the easiest way to include your data!

We have expanded the number of programs covered in the collector, and extend the reporting form to:

Editing training workshops
GLAM Content Donation
On-wiki Writing Contests
Photo Events (Wiki Loves Earth, WikiExpeditions, WikiTakes, et.)
Wiki Loves Monuments
Wikipedia Education Program
Wikimedian in Residence

Remember, reporting is voluntary but the more people do it, the better representation of programs we can make. This voluntary reporting allows us to come together and generate a bird’s eye view of programs. We want to understand the impact of programs across different contexts, to examine both more broadly, and more deeply, what works best to meet our shared goals for Wikimedia and to, together, grow the awesome in Wikimedia programs!

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your time and support in this initiative.

View the Frequently Asked Questions for more information and background