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Learning and Evaluation

The Learning and Evaluation Team Workshop Kits are aimed at helping community leaders lead peer and volunteer training. In each kit you will find all the steps you need to take to host a workshop, as well as infrastructure needed, and all the resources to present. All kits have a learning journal, for workshop hosts to be able to document their experience and share with other community members across the movement.

If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops, get in touch with the Learning and Evaluation team. Train the Trainer sessions will be hosted at regional and global conferences and via Google hangouts. We look forward to working with community leaders in workshop kit updates, facilitation and translation as we work to build specific examples and case studies from across the movement.

Additional Learning and Evaluation Workshops[edit]

What other Learning and Evaluation workshops has our team prepared and facilitated that may be relevant to leaders in your community? If you are organizing a conference and are interested in developing capacity of your local community around programmatic activities, tools and SMART planning, have in mind all the sessions available. Unlike the workshop kits, these sessions are not fully developed into resources to make it possible for anyone to host, which means they need to be hosted by a Learning and Evaluation team member. Sessions are organized thematically, and can be included as one slot on an existing track in a program, or grouped together to make a Learning Day.

Program Design & Evaluation Planning[edit]

The sessions are presentations with a small component of workshops. They focus on specific technical aspects around program design and evaluation. These sessions usually include exercises, to be carried out individually or in small groups (most recent presentation versions are linked).

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Learning Circles[edit]

These sessions are panels, where we summon program leaders with expertise around a topic and try to capture lessons that can be shared more broadly.

Tools Rotations & Trainings[edit]

These sessions are short, hands-on presentations where we showcase tools available to monitor and track Wikimedia programs. We usually focus on:

Learning Days[edit]

These can be a full day or half day, in which participants receive training in some or all of the topics related to program planning, evaluation, storytelling and tracking tools. Learning days have breaks incorporated in them, of 10 to 15 minutes, as well as group activities and exercises. Learn more about Learning Days by looking at recent issues:

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