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Creative Program Design[edit]

WMCON 2016 - Learning Day - Creative Design Workshop
Session Abstract
In what ways might we create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using creative problem solving techniques?

Creative problem solving is a practice involving a basic process of breaking down a problem in order to understand it's parts, freely generating ideas to solve the problem, and evaluating those ideas to determine and design the most effective solutions. In these 30-minute orientation and unconference-style workshops you will identify problems and work with other program and community leaders to create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using a creative problem-solving process. Bring back to your community the best thinking of other program leaders for new and improved programs, as well as a process you can use to engage your community volunteers in creative program design.

Learning Objectives: For participants to learn a collaborative creative problem-solving process and apply it to program design. During the session participants will:

  • Learn, practice and bring home a creative process for program design which fosters collaboration, innovation, and consensus.
  • Brainstorm and develop solutions with your fellow Wikimedia program leaders in tackling real challenges with outreach programs.
  • Bring it on: bring your top program challenge and get the best thinking of your fellow program leaders in a 2-minute solution room using “Brainwriting” journaled brainstorming which incorporates Wiki documentation.

After this, session participants will:

  • Know a process for consensus-driven problem solving.
  • Understand three techniques for collaborative brainstorming and idea sharing.
  • Leave with a draft solution to a challenge in achieving an outreach goal.
Session Format
Type of session room: Exchange Room
  • Amount of time required: 90 Minutes

Teaching Lead: