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Learning and Evaluation/Wikimetrics

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Learning and Evaluation

Wikimetrics is a tool developed by the Wikimedia Foundation that makes it easy to obtain data on a list of usernames. Many volunteers and organizations want to know how much content their programs (i.e. Edit-a-thons, contests, etc.) produce. The types of available data include:

  • retention rates for users
  • how many characters users have added
  • how many new users
  • how many users are active editors
  • how many edits have been made
  • how many pages users have created

With a clean interface, and with the help of guides, Wikimetrics is easy for anyone to use. Be sure to check out the important Opt-in information below and start tracking the usernames of those who participate in your programs!

The tool itself. Wikimetrics will allow you to get user-based data. Try it out!

The learning module is a user guide that will explain how to Wikimetrics works and how to use it.

Event page and recorded virtual meet-up session offers an overview and demonstration of Wikimetrics.

Parent Learning pattern for global metrics and how to measure them (many using Wikimetrics)

Some events are offline and in-person. For these events, it is best to obtain permission to obtain data using Wikimetrics

Report bugs and request features