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Learning and Evaluation/Wikimetrics/Forms/DCopt

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Wikimedia DC's WikiMetrics opt-in form was originally created for an edit-a-thon. It features a brief series of questions, and the opt-in language that is required to have participants opt-in, legally, to allowing program leaders to use their usernames to evaluate their behavior via WikiMetrics. You can learn more about this legal requirement and find other options for language here.

This is the English version of this document. We encourage translations and remixes. And you can also share your own opt-in form for others to use. Just stop by the Parlor and share yours.

WMDC's opt-in form.

Edit-a-thon Questionnaire 2013-10-25

For Smithsonian Libraries Meetup and Edit-a-thon at

Thank you for participating in Smithsonian Libraries Edit-a-Thon! The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia District of Columbia are always trying to learn more about how users interact with Wikipedia and its sister projects, so that we can make the projects better and more fun for people like you. One way you can help us improve the projects and events like this one is to permit us to follow how you (through your username) use our sites during and after this event. For example, by seeing whether you continue to use your account after this event, we can better measure the effectiveness of this event and similar programs.
If you choose to help us in this manner, we will group you together with others attending this event who have also elected to help us and then follow your publicly available activity (like your public contributions) to see if you are still enjoying editing the Wikimedia projects after this event. We will not share with third parties any personally identifying information about you, such as your real name, address, email address, date of birth, or phone number, but we may share information about your use of the projects in aggregated or anonymized forms.
Please note that your publicly available activity and the information you share with us during the course of this event may be collected, stored, used, modified, communicated, archived, destroyed, or otherwise processed by the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikimedia District of Columbia and may be transmitted to or from the United States and other countries that may not have the same level of privacy regulation that your country does.
If you would like to help us improve the projects, just sign your name below in the column entitled “Signature” to indicate your agreement to this policy.
What is your Wikipedia username?
Usernames are case sensitive and the first letter is always capitalized
Did you create your Wikipedia account today or in the past week?
Are you an employee of the Smithsonian Institution or National Portrait Gallery?
This question is for statistical purposes only.
  Decline to state.
Sign up here to allow us to learn more about how you use Wikipedia during and after this event, so that we can work towards improving it.
By signing up, you agree to let us use this information for these purposes. See the Notice for Opt-In above.
  Yes, I will sign up.
  No, I will not sign up.