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Survey goal
Learning and Resource Support

Attitudes about *needed* resources/support

In what way(s), if any, could [host organization, project partner, or chapter name] have better supported your work?


Attitudes about most *useful* resources/support

To what extent did you feel supported by [host organization, project partner, or chapter name] in your efforts as a [position title] ?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Mostly Maximally
  • Completely


  • Far too little
  • Too little
  • About right
  • Too much
  • Far too much

What were the three most important types of support from [host organization, project partner, or chapter name] before and during the [project, program or event name]?

While types of support vary by program some possible supports you may provide and wish to ask about include:

  • Consultation
  • Budget support
  • In-kind/overhead support
  • Direct training
  • Technology support (i.e., resource access and support)
  • Initial meetings and discussions before the recruitment started
  • Setting up the Agreement document
  • Recruitment support (assistance in creating the job description, advertising, interview panels)
  • Networking with other Wikimedians
  • Networking with hosting institutions/potential project partners
  • Induction for the Wikimedians in Resident and their institution
  • Project review meetings
  • Feedback and guidance for Wikimedians in Residence
  • Ongoing support for Wikimedians in Residence (e.g. with organized events)
  • Other (please describe)