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Grants:TPS/LauraHale/Amsterdam GLAMCamp

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User name
User location (country)
Canberra, Australia
Event name
Amsterdam GLAMCamp
Event Web site
GLAMcamp Amsterdam
Event date(s)
2/3/4 December
Event location (city)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
$1,800 $1,920 AUD

Budget breakdown[edit]


$50 AUD round trip for a Greyhound bus from Canberra to Sydney International Airport (Plane would run $200 each way. Rental car would be $80 each way. This is the cheapest alternative to get to the most affordable airport within a five hour drive of Canberra.)
$1,750 AUD for airfare from SYD to AMS via Southern China Air. (This is the absolute cheapest ticket. Travel dates of depart SYD November 30, depart AMS December 7.)
$120 AUD for accommodation for 2-4 December (added at organizers' request) Total: $1,920 AUD.


$0. Will pay my own accommodation as I will be staying extra days given the flight length. May possibly get accommodation through the Camp.

Note: Chapter funding was requested to attend. As the Camp was announced late, there was no room in the budget to give a grant to attend this specific event.

Proposed Participation[edit]

I am currently the Vice President of Wikimedia Australia. I am a Wikipedian in Residence to the HOPAU GLAM project supported by the Australian Paralympic Committee and the National Sport Information Centre. I am working on a GLAM outreach effort in Micronesia in January/February 2012. I am working on creating materials to support Wikimedia GLAM projects in the Pacific region, for Military History organisations and for sport organisations. One of my current goals is to expand the number of Wikipedians in Residence in Australia, and to get institutions in Oceania involved with Wikimedia GLAM projects. Some of the materials I am developing could easily be repurposed for use by other Outreach groups.

I would benefit from attending GLAMcamp Amsterdam as it would allow me to see what works in Europe and internationally, share with others what has and has not worked locally, discuss how sports fits into the GLAM picture as a culture, and to solicit help for Micronesia. I have print copies of documents I created that can be brought along.

Beyond that, being able to say that Australia's Wikipedian in Residence has WMF support through Grant Funding could be used by our chapter to show that we have WMF support for our GLAM efforts.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

Upon my return, I would write about my experiences and share these with the HOPAU project, with my university colleagues, with Wikimedia Australia's members and the Wikimedia New Zealand list. and on my sport related blog. This way, knowledge I gain at the event can be shared with our local community in our continuing efforts related to GLAM projects in Australia and the general region. International events are important for Australians to be part of because distance and cost often make it hard for us to participate. The knowledge sharing done after the event will help with planning for the future for GLAM in Australia, and hopefully help inspire others to do more on a local level.