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Wikimedia Cuteness Association/How to recognise a Wikipedian

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The members of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association have noticed that it is for newby Wikipedians/Wikimedians often difficult to determine if someone they meet is also a Wikipedian/Wikimedian. With this guide we hope to help those people to feel themselves more comfortable in the Wikimedia movement and set some basic levels of involvement in the movement.

Levels of a Wikipedian/Wikimedian[edit]

Six steps of a Wikipedian

Being a recognisable Wikipedian is something that needs to grow over time. To determine if someone is already grown as fully recognisable Wikipedian/Wikimedian, the following steps must all have been taken.

  1. Level 1: a particular human is always looking for knowledge, is curious. This sounds difficult, but it requires often a lot of training to recognise this in peoples faces.
  2. Level 2: that particular human has a laptop or smartphone with so (s)he can always access Wikipedia/etc.
  3. Level 3: that particular human eats (or has eaten) stroopwafels, the offical wikifood of the Wikimedia movement.
  4. Level 4: that particular person wears a shirt, hoody, bag, etc with the logo/text of Wikipedia or one of it sister projects on it.
    • Note: if other users notice you are in high need of a Wikipedia shirt, they should nominate you for a free t-shirt through the Merchandise giveaways initiative.
  5. Level 5: that particular person introduces her/himself with his/her user name on Wikipedia/Commons/Wikidata/Meta/etc
  6. Level 6: that particular person assists a Wikimedia plushy (mascot), or alternatively signed up on the page Wikimedia Cuteness Association in the section of the Users that support cuteness in the Wikimedia movement.

Be aware, skipping a step is not possible as each step is needed to grow to a full Wikipedian/Wikimedian. If you did not yet manage to grow to the sixth level, don't worry, take your time. If you think you do not reach the required level to full recognised Wikipedian, the Wikimedia Foundation or the various Wikimedia affiliates can help you to enhance your capabilities.

Extra distinctive characteristics[edit]

Besides the basic six levels, there are also various other distinctive characteristics that may only apply in certain situations or circumstances. You are welcome to contribute to this list to help others to more easily recognise a Wikipedian

  • that particular person is enthusiastically taking photos for photo contests like Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth, and various others.
  • that particular person claims boldly and courageously that he/she belongs to the Homo Wikiens species.