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As of 2005, many of Wikimedia's IRC channel names did not follow Freenode's standard naming conventions. This page served as a log for efforts made to rename channels to follow these guidelines, and is preserved for historical purposes.

October 2005 channel renaming[edit]

In October 2005, a move was commenced to bring the various Wikimedia IRC channels in line with the current freenode naming convention. This means that, for instance, #fr.wikipedia was moved to #wikipedia-fr, and #mediation.wikipedia was moved to #wikipedia-mediation. This is because freenode wants to have the project/group name at the beginning of the channel names, rather than at the end like current Wikipedia/Wikimedia channel naming.

The channel access lists, ban lists and other settings were transferred to the new channel names and the impact on users was minimal.

Redirects/channel forwards were left in place at the old channel names for the moment, so that anyone who tries to join the old channel will instead be sent to the new channel name. This works in almost all IRC clients, although there are apparently a few minor issues in Irssi (like the channels being put out of order or something).

The following details are correct as at 1 September 2006: