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CIS-A2K//Work plan July 2014 - June 2015/Wiki Loves Public Art (India)

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Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) is a photography competition that seeks to get photographs of works of public art on Wikipedia. The competition is modelled on Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) which has been running successfully since 2010.

The basic concept is that people are invited to upload images of public art works objects under a free license for usage on Wikipedia and beyond. The idea is to get complete lists of these public artworks on Wikipedia, including photos - giving a great and unique overview of the public art in India.

Implementation Plan[edit]

  • Set up a jury - Help form a jury that will decide which contributions will win the contest. The jury should be a bit diverse - a mix of photographers, Wikimedians and WMIN members.
  • Help define public art - In WLM, participants work to photograph a monument from among a list of monuments listed on Wikipedia. Mostly, these lists are compiled by heritage buildings organisations in a country. Where such organisations do not exist, Wikipedians have drawn up their own lists based on legal definitions in the respective country’s constitutions. Photographs of these monuments are then uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons, a platform that hosts media files for all Wikipedia projects. Participants have a national and international level competition. For WLM in India, the list of monuments were drawn up from the list provided by the Archaeological Survey of India which bases this list based on law, Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958.
In Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA), we face quite a few dilemmas. We do not have a list of public art work which is either easily accessible (via a website or a publication) nor is there a law that we could find that defines what public art work is in India. We do not have the academic knowledge to provide for a definition that can sufficiently cover the breadth of what public art could mean and one that could be transparent and easily acceptable by participants. Hence the community and jury together needs to help define public art that can be accepted for this competition.
  • Find partners - Four types of partners can be imagined:
  • Governmental partner for the structured data: to compile lists of artwork, and it is very helpful if the government can provide their official list with as much detail as possible.
  • GLAMs: That allow the volunteers to take photos of their collections during the contest and perhaps organize special events around the contest (e.g. private tours, help from their experts and so forth).
  • Publicity partners: partners that can help getting the word out, reaching specific audiences and media. Their cooperation can give credibility.
  • Sponsors: That can provide awards and possibly cover some of the costs of the event.
  • Set up a local website - That gives all the information of the contest including:
  • explanation of the contest concept;
  • explanation of the rules;
  • definition of the classifications (quantity/quality) and awards;
  • contact details (possibly link to wikipage) for both participants and press;
  • explanation of upload details;
  • explanation on how to find local artwork and the unique ID etc.;

Projected Outcomes[edit]

  • Hundreds and thousands of pictures of public domain art under free license for use on Wikipedia and beyond.
  • Collaborations with the museums in India
  • Strong publicity partners
  • Partnering with government agencies
  • Broaden the Wikimedia India community by
  • Welcoming photographers to take part in the contest
  • Welcoming museum staff members to take part in the contest
  • Welcoming general public to take part in the contest


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
Travel & Stay ** 50,000/- 809.04 - -
Volunteer Support (including travel and stay) 100,000/- 1,618.08 - -
Events/Meet-ups/Workshops 50,000/- 809.04 - -
Consumables/Printing/Stationery/Swag 20,000/- 323.62 - -
Miscellaneous 10,000/- 161.81 - -
Total 230,000/- 3,721.59 - -

* 5% time of a Program Manager who will support this program at CIS-A2K.
** Expenses incurred by the CIS-A2K program team towards executing the plan

List of Contributors[edit]