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The effect of the Telugu Wikipedia Mahotsavam held in April 2013 was very positive in bringing the various active editors together on wiki and off wiki. The impact of this is quite visible in terms of starting new collaborative projects on Telugu Wikipedia and in terms of bringing some old timers back to Telugu Wikipedia, while bringing some newer editors on board. CIS-A2K enabled regular monthly meet-ups in Hyderabad and Bangalore through this quarter. A total of 7 Telugu Wikipedia meet-ups were held during this quarter of which 3 were held at CIS office in Bangalore and 4 were held at Golden Threshold of University of Hyderabad. In addition to these CIS-A2K actively used the social media to promote the projects and to build enthusiasm around these projects among the Telugu Wikipedians. A total of 3 Telugu Wikipedia training workshops were organized in Hyderabad.

Key Highlights[edit]

The highlights during this quarter are more centred around the creation of collaborative projects on Telugu Wikipedia. Historically this is the first instance on Telugu Wikipedia when so many collective projects were implemented. The following projects were encouraged by CIS-A2K during this quarter.

Total Editors[edit]

As can be seen from the below graph there is no significant improvement in the growth of new editors on Telugu Wikipedia. However, it should be noted that there was slight improvement in the conversion of newly registered users into active editors compared to the trend in last year. It is important for CIS-A2K to work with the Telugu Wikipedia community to ensure that this rate of conversion of registered users into active editors improves over the next 3-4 quarters.

Statistics of total editors - Telugu Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 13)

New Editors[edit]

The rate of growth of new editors in Telugu Wikipedia remained constant at 7 during this quarter. CIS-A2K focussed less in cultivating new editor based during this quarter and put efforts in strengthening the existing users through monthly mee-ups, collective proejcts.

Statistics of new editors - Telugu Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 13)

Active Editors[edit]

Statistics of active editors - Telugu Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)

As can be noted in the graph above the growth of Active Editors is on the growth path during this quarter compared to the last quarter and to the same quarter last year. This should be read in the light of the above two graphs pertaining to "Total Editors" and "New Editors". What is critical here to note that while there is no dramatic improvement in the growth of new editors still there is a significant growth of Active Editors. It should be noted that the number of active editors during 2012 have been continually declining as most of editors were leaving or taking break due to burn-out and conflicts within the community. This trend was reversed to a great extent with CIS-A2K's efforts of brining the Telugu Wikipedians together during the Telugu Wiki Mahotsavam. This growth trend could be consolidated around 40-50 active editors in the coming quarter, post which CIS-A2K would look at cultivating new editors. A similar trend can be seen in terms of "Very Active Editors" given in the graph below.

Very Active Editors[edit]

Statistics of Very active editors - Telugu Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 13)

No. of Articles[edit]

Since this quarter the growth of articles on Telugu Wikipedia has been consistently higher on a month-on-month basis. Once can notice a sudden spike in the growth of article in June 2013 when the Telugu Pramukhulu project was being actively taken up by the community. A similar spike can also be seen in the month of September when the project on Indian Women Scientists Lilavati Koothullu commenced. CIS-A2K sees the increase in articles along with the increased participation of the Active Editors on Telugu Wikipedia, as a sign of healthy growth. CIS-A2K also feels that the Telugu Wikipedia community has optimally utilized the movement resources made available through CIS-A2K during this quarter.

Statistics of number of articles - Telugu Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 13)