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Outreach in Indian Institute of Mass Education (IIMC), Dhenkanal and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Bhubaneswar werethe major outreach activities during this quarter. Students of Odia journalism batch at Indian Institute of Mass Education (IIMC), Dhenkanal were introduced to the Odia Wikimedia community and Wikipedia editing sprints were organized. After the assessment of students and faculty of KISS and KIIT University and understanding about the partnership Wikipedia introductory workshops were conducted at KISS and Management and Engineering students at KIIT University. As the students and faculty were learning Odia typing and Wikipedia editing output of the first workshop at KISS was moderately satisfactory. But this was an useful exercise to assess the interest of participating wikipedians before initiating any major program. Wikimedians from Bhubaneswar of Odia Wikimedia community took active part in conducting the workshops.

Key Highlights[edit]

  • First phase of Odia Wikipedia Education program: : 19 Odia journalism students at were taught about Wikipedia editing over three day long Wikipedia workshop series. Two on-ground workshops were conducted where the first workshop was for a whole day and the second one for two day long.
  • Pre-program workshops at KISS: 11 faculty and 16 masters students were taken in the initial phase of Wikipedia workshop to assess the basic computing ability and scope for a mass scale program at KISS. One basic editing workshop and an advanced Wikipedia editing workshop were organized.
  • Preparing for collaboration with KISS and KIIT: CIS-A2K signed two MoUs with KISS and KIIT for working on building digital knowledge repositories by using Wikimedia projects as a tool. Preparation for the overall objective and strengthening relation with the two institutions by assessment workshops for faculty and students were the key activities during this quarter.
  • Preparation for Odia Wikipedia's 10th anniversary: Odia Wikipedia completed 10 years by January 29. Planning and Preparation for this event started during this quarter.

Total Editors[edit]

In this quarter there is growth in number of total editors. This is a clear result of the active involvement of existing wikipedians in bringing new editors during Education program and other offline outreach workshops and online follow-up support.

Total editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)
Total editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)

New Editors[edit]

During the Education program at IIMC and workshops at KISS and KIIT there is a growth notable during this quarter. However statistics for the last month (December) is not available for which the growth trend can not be mentioned.

New editors-Odia Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

Active Editors[edit]

New and existing editor activity has gone high during the offline outreach which is a clear indication of the outreach at IIMC and KISS initiatives. This activity level has gone gone down after the outreach as many of the participant editors did not continue to edit after the workshops.

Active editors-Odia Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013))

Very Active Editors[edit]

Though there is growth in number of active editors there is decline of number of very active editors in the first two months. There is growth in the third month. But the overall pattern of very active editors might not be a clear result of most other activities.

Very active editors-Odia Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

No. of Articles[edit]

There is a consistent growth during the first two months. There is a peak during December which is a clear indication of the bot generated articles by one of the active Wikipedians. However, this is no programmatic impact but first time testing of AWB.

Number of articles-Odia Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)