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The effect of the Telugu Wikipedia Mahotsavam held in April 2013 remained through this quarter. CIS-A2K's Train the Trainer program helped three Wikipedians from Telugu Wikipedia Community to enhance their skills and they played a key role in organising Tewiki10 (Telugu Wikipedia's Decennial celebrations that were held in February 2014 at Vijayawada). This quarter, CIS-A2K focussed on bringing in new editors by organising Wikipedia Training Workshops at various educational institutes in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tiruvur and Pedda Kakani (Guntur). In addition, Support to community members in terms of organising monthly meet-ups and collaborative projects continued in this quarter. With the decennial year being the occasion, CIS-A2K recognised few wikipedians personally and tried to tap their niche areas. The result was an increase in new editors, active editors and a sudden up slope in number of articles.

Key Highlights[edit]

The highlights during this quarter are more centred around the creation of new editor base on Telugu Wikipedia, in addition to strengthening existing users. Historically this is the first instance on Telugu Wikipedia when so many edits were recorded. The following projects were encouraged by CIS-A2K during this quarter.

  • 6 Wiki Training Sessions were organised at Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tiruvur and Pedda Kakani (Guntur).
  • Lilavati Koothullu project (Project on Indian Women Scientists) was revisited and incomplete and non-existent articles were created.
  • Improving village articles project and monthly tracking of stub article creation and improvement continued.
  • As part of Tewiki10 Target 55555 was started that aimed at making total count of articles in Telugu Wikipedia to 55,555 without compromising on quality of articles.
  • A total of 3 Telugu Wikipedia monthly meet-ups were held in Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Planning for Tewiki10 was initiated and actively worked upon by CIS-A2K in consultation with Telugu Wikipedia Community.
  • Telugu Wikipedia was supported technically as and when required.

Total Editors[edit]

There was an increase from 599 to 637 in Total Editors. This figure, compared to the huge user base of Telugu Wikipedia, may seem very less. But its the first time that Telugu Wikipedia has seen such increase in last quarters.

Total editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)
Total editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

New Editors[edit]

The sharp exponential increase in "New Editors" is attributed to the wiki training sessions aggressively taken up by CIS-A2K. CIS-A2K hopes that the editors would continue to be active on Wikipedia and the trend continues.

New editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

Active Editors[edit]

Active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

As can be noted in the graph above the growth of Active Editors has seen a sharp growth during this quarter compared to the last quarter and to the same quarter last year. This should be read in the light of the above two graphs pertaining to "Total Editors" and "New Editors". What is critical here to note that while there is a dramatic improvement in the growth of new editors and a significant growth of Active Editors. The continued efforts of CIS-A2K in engaging Wikipedians in their niche area has resulted in bringing back those editors who left or took break due to burn-out and conflicts within the community. A similar trend can be seen in terms of "Very Active Editors" given in the graph below.

Very Active Editors[edit]

Very active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Oct - Dec 2013)

No. of Articles[edit]

As seen in last quarter, the growth of articles on Telugu Wikipedia has been consistently higher on a month-on-month basis. Once can notice a sudden spike in the growth of article in December 2013 when planning for Tewiki10 got onto a full swing and Target 55555 was being actively taken up by the community. CIS-A2K sees the increase in articles along with the increased participation of the Active Editors on Telugu Wikipedia, as a sign of healthy growth. CIS-A2K also feels that the Telugu Wikipedia community has optimally utilized the movement resources made available through CIS-A2K during this quarter.

Number of articles-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)