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Wikipedia Workshop Pune 2014

Wikipedia Workshop Pune 2014


Project scope


This is a Wikipedia Workshop celebrating the 13th Anniversary of Wikipedia. Its goal is to use the opportunity of the anniversary to increase awareness about Wikipedia & equip its participants with the rudiments of contributing to Wikipedia, and a concept to them. The participants will be encouraged to edit Wikipedia in their regional language .Also part of the workshop will be a session on women empowerment.New women editors will also be able to interact with existing women editors. The workshop is free and open to everyone.

Project goal

Primary goals
  1. To Celebrate Wikipedia's 13th Anniversary.
  2. To introduce Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia and a concept to new editors.
  3. To Promote Marathi Wikipedia Community & promote the use of regional languages in Wikipedia.
  4. To promote more Women editors to join the community & to tackle the problems faced by current Women editors.
  5. To have an open interaction within the editors, existing as well as new.
Secondary goals
  1. To spread the awareness of Wikipedia as a powerful tool.
  2. To encourage community building among the many contributors of Wikimedia & its sister projects.
  3. Use the occasion for a massive outreach programme.
  4. Increase communication and collaboration between Wikimedia supporters in Pune & India

Programme Flow


Session 1

1. Introduction of Wikipedia to new members.

2. Promotion of Marathi Wikipedia & community building.

3. Brainstorming session-Inspiring new editors& encouraging new ones.

Refreshment Break

4.WIkiWomen- Empowerment of Women. Making them editors.

5. Interaction between existing & new members.

6. Felicitation of major contributors from Pune Community.

7. Chapter Membership Drive

High Tea

Other benefits

  • More Visibility to Local Wikipedia
  • Enthusiasm among people to contribute in regional languages.
  • Retention of Active editors.
  • Massive outreach especially among the Women to bridge the Gender Gap.
  • Higher Enrollment to the India Chapter.

Measures of success

  • Increase in level of Activity of Pune Community
  • Increase of edit counts in Indic Languages.
  • Increase in Women editors.