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Learning and Evaluation/News/Community Insights Report 2016-17

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Join us to learn more about our latest Wikimedia Contributors and Communities Survey![edit]

In the last couple of months, we have finished analyzing the survey results and created a report for Community Engagement Insights, a project to survey communities across the Wikimedia movement, and gather input to create the Wikimedia Foundation’s Annual Plan. This project is also known as Wikimedia Contributors and Communities Survey. After releasing this report, we want to open a space for conversation with anyone who is interested in the project and where it will go next.

We will be hosting a public event online to present the data, a few examples on how teams will be using it for annual planning, and what are next steps for this project. The event will take place on Tuesday, October 10, at 9:00 am PST (1600 UTC). You can watch the livestream here, and ask question via IRC on #wikimedia-office.

In this event, we will share a brief description of CE Insights, some data we learned through the survey, and a few teams will share how they plan to use the information they learned through the CE Insights surveys. We will then describe next steps for the project, and open a space for questions and comments.

If you are unable attend, you can also find the report on meta, and watch the recording of the event at a later time.

We hope to have you join us online!

Interested participants[edit]

Recorded presentation[edit]

You can now watch the video of this presentation on Commons.

Community Engagement Insights 2016-17 Report - Video presentation

Background: A Pathway to Hearing Diverse Wikimedia Voices[edit]

In mid-2016, the Wikimedia Foundation initiated a new survey process called Community Engagement Insights. This process aims to improve the alignment between the Wikimedia Foundation and the communities it serves. In this survey process, Foundation staff designed hundreds of questions that were organized into an online survey. The Foundation sent the survey to many Wikimedians, including editors, affiliates, program leaders, and technical contributors. The results of this survey can be found in these pages.

Looking forward, the survey will be happening again in 2017-18. As we move into the new year, we are finding many ways we can improve this survey and we need to work together to improve it.

We need your help for the next survey >>

Process summary[edit]

Question design.

The questions from this survey came from various Wikimedia Foundation teams, who submitted their questions through a proposal process. Teams were encouraged to focus their questions based on their long-term goals and their existing programs. Thirteen teams participated and the survey contained 260 questions that were divided among multiple audiences. The questions aimed at learning information about the following goals:

  • Growing Wikimedia communities
  • Improving community health
  • Improving collaboration and communications
  • Improving software for contributors
  • Increasing software awareness and use
  • Improving information sharing for program leaders and affiliates
  • Developing the capacity of affiliates and program leaders
  • Improving access to research materials by contributors
  • Improving understanding of movement fundraising and fundraising needs
  • Increasing awareness of GLAM and Libraries
  • Increasing knowledge and capacity related to policy issues
Data collection.

The survey reached out to five audiences, which included very active editors (100+ edits), Active editors (5 to 100 edits), Wikimedia Affiliates, Program leaders, Technical contributors (volunteer developers). The sampling strategy for this survey was to sample editors several language Wikipedia projects, as well as Wikimedia commons, wikidata and other wikimedia projects. In addition to editors, we reached out to volunteer developers through mailing lists as well as program leaders and Wikimedia affiliates through known contacts. We sampled all editors who edited wikipedia from December 2015 through December 2016, with a total population of about 132,500 editors. The questions were translated into 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ukrainian.


The analysis you will find in this report is fairly basic and descriptive. The volume of data makes it difficult to dig into specific research question. Furthermore, each Foundation team has their own specific questions they needed answered. Teams are being asked to reflect on their results and publish their findings and actions in their individual reports. The raw data will be made available at a later date for use for researchers and others.

For more information about the process, please see the Survey design and process section.

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October 10, 9 AM PST: Community Engagement Insights Report 2016-17 livestream