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Most of the larger projects have a specific page where copyright problems can be listed and resolved by community consensus. This page is intended as a central resource, linking to these pages by language. (The original idea for this page arose from the rewrite of the Wikimedia Terms of use in fall 2011.)

Where there is no specific page for copyright problems these can be raised on the general Community discussion pages linked from the "Community" menu on the page left hand side.


language code page name
af af:Wikipedia:Kopieregprobleme
ar ar:ويكيبيديا:مقالات خرق حقوق النشر
cs cs:Wikipedie:Porušení práv
de de:Wikipedia:Löschkandidaten/Urheberrechtsverletzungen
en en:Wikipedia:Copyright problems
es es:Wikipedia:Páginas sospechosas de violar los derechos de autor
fa fa:ویکی‌پدیا:مشکلات حق تکثیر
fr fr:Wikipédia:Pages soupçonnées de violation de copyright
it it:Wikipedia:Sospette violazioni di copyright
he he:ויקיפדיה:בעיות בזכויות יוצרים
lb lb:Wikipedia:Copyrightproblemer
hu hu:Wikipédia:Szerzőijog-sértés
ja ja:Wikipedia:著作権問題
pl pl:Wikipedia:Strony podejrzane o naruszenie praw autorskich
sr sr:Википедија:Проблеми с лиценцом
th th:วิกิพีเดีย:ปัญหาลิขสิทธิ์
tr tr:Vikipedi:Telif sorunları
vi vi:Wikipedia:Có vấn đề bản quyền
zh-yue Wikipedia:版權問題
zh zh:Wikipedia:頁面存廢討論/疑似侵權


language code page name
en en:Wikisource:Possible copyright violations
es es:Wikisource:Páginas sospechosas de violar copyright
fr fr:Wikisource:Pages soupçonnées de copyright
id id:Wikisource:Kemungkinan pelanggaran hak cipta
hu hu:Wikiforrás:Szerzői jogok valószínű megsértése
pl pl:Wikiźródła:Teksty podejrzane o naruszenie praw autorskich
pt pt:Wikisource:Violações de direitos autorais
vi vi:Wikisource:Có thể vi phạm bản quyền
zh zh:Wikisource:侵犯版权


It appears that English, Spanish, and French Wikinews do not have a notification page, but simply a template that may be applied.

language code page name
en en:Template:Copyvio
es es:Plantilla:Copyvio
fr fr:Modèle:Copyvio


en: en:Wikiversity:Copyright issues



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