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Minipedia writing by the users creates short pages that are easy to translate.

Pages of Minipedia are stub articles. They are the starting points for pages in all Wikipedias. They should be short, and written in simple English.

Each page has:

  • A title: "Minipedia:subject";
  • A first line explaining the subject, with a maximum length of 100 characters;
  • A short piece of text with more information. (The maximum length of the whole page is normally 1000 characters.)

Its discussion page has:

  • A section called "Votes".

On the Minipedia page, each of the pages is listed, by its number of votes. To start a new page:

  • Go to the Minipedia page;
  • Edit the section for 0 votes;
  • Add a link to the new subject;
  • Follow the link you just made;
  • Write a short article.