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We, the Movement Strategy and Governance team at the Wikimedia Foundation, are very happy about the wide range of diverse Wikimedians that are running for the election and selection processes for the drafting committee of the Movement Charter! However, as the number of candidates is quite large and thus informing yourself about them might be a bit more complicated, we want to try something different this time: In many countries of the world during election campaigns so-called “Voting Advice Applications" (or “Election Compasses") are quite common. Thanks to an open source project called "Open Election Compass", we have adapted for this election.

Until September 28th, Wikimedians have proposed 111 statements. From Wednesday, September 29th to Sunday, October 3rd, they have been upvoted. We chose 19 statements. You can find all proposed and chosen statements here.

We have sent these statements to all candidates running for the Elections Process and Selection Process of the Wikimedia Movement Charter Drafting Committee. 54 participants have replied. All their chosen positions and reasonings were added to the Election Compass. You can find all their answers also here on Meta (and a an overview of the positions as well).

You can find the Election Compass on Toolforge:

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