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This report covers events from 1 May 2016 to 30 April 2017.


Since 2012, we have fostered relationships with universities and organizations throughout the Research Triangle. Over that time, user group members have worked to build the capacity of local librarians and faculty members, especially at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), to organize and host edit-a-thons. In 2016, UNC librarians and faculty members hosted five events:

Students editing Wikipedia at the Women in Science edit-a-thon in the Kenan Science Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 12 April 2017.

Sodapopinski7 promoted all events via social media and photographed the Women in Science edit-a-thon. Frank Jones attended and provided support at the Black Lunch Table edit-a-thon.

In October 2016, a staff member at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design in Asheville, North Carolina contacted us to request planning advice and support for a Women in Craft edit-a-thon they were planning in March 2017. Sodapopinski7 provided planning support and Frank Jones attended and provided in-person Wikipedia support.

In January and February 2017, Sodapopinski7 led the University of North Carolina (UNC) Library staff in a #1lib1ref project. The UNC Library competed with the Duke University Library to see which library could contribute the highest number of Wikipedia edits during the project, which lasted from January 18 to February 3. During #1lib1ref, Sodapopinski7 led three workshops for UNC library staff, most of them first-time editors, to learn how to add citations to Wikipedia. About 30 staff members attended these drop-in sessions, and Sodapopinski7 provided one-on-one editing instruction to several other library staff members. At the end of the project, the UNC Library's citation total was 204. Duke Library's citation total was 29.


Sodapopinski7 presenting at Wikimedia Conference 2017 by René Zieger – 524

In April 2017, Sodapopinski7 represented the North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. She presented a lightning talk, "Running a Successful #1lib1ref Project, and Putting the 'Science' in Library Science" at the conference.

Coordinating Participants & Supporters[edit]

Our user group is relatively new, having been founded in May 2015, and is still growing. Founding members (Sodapopinski7, Frankcjones, and Kayz911) remain active participants, and we have the support of 17 participants:

  1. Frankcjones (talk)
  2. Sodapopinski7 (talk)
  3. Kayz911 (talk)
  4. Djembayz, your WikiDC visitor, says Congrats, Triangles, that was a really fun event you put on!
  5. Ongmianli, clinical psychology doctoral candidate
  6. Rkang101, undergraduate psychology major
  7. Kennyle78, undergraduate psychology major
  8. Heathart, visual artist
  9. Cortnie330 (talk)
  10. kgreeves, computational chemistry graduate student
  11. SSetti, materials science graduate student
  12. Egoldman3, clinical psychology
  13. melodykramer, WMF staff member, lives in Carrboro
  14. malinachavez, artist, educator
  15. awhiteside, art librarian
  16. Indy beetle
  17. Jayron32, high school science teacher, lives in Raleigh.