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Initial Reporting Template Items[edit]


1) Program Name

2) Event Period

2a) Start Date: _____________ (MM/DD/YY)

2b) Start Time: ______________ (UTC)

2c) End Date (if different): _____________ (MM/DD/YY)

2d) End Time: ______________ (UTC)


3) Program/Event Inputs


$ _______________(USD)

(Enter the total budget, in US Dollars, for the program/event. Please include staff salaries here and report all funds used, NOT just Wikimedia funds.)

3a) WM Staff/Contractor Hours: _____________ Hours

3b) Volunteer Hours: _____________ Hours

3c) Value of Staff/Contractor Hours: $______________ (USD)

3d) Value of Volunteer Hours: $______________ (USD)

3e) Number of Staff/Contractors _____________

3f) Number of Volunteers _____________

3g) How were staff hours estimated?

☐ Calendar Records

☐ Staff Estimates

☐ Program Leader Estimate

☐ Other (please explain)

3h) How were volunteer hours estimated?

☐ Calendar Records

☐ Volunteer Estimates

☐ Program Leader Estimate

☐ Other (please explain)

4) Donated Resources

Please indicate whether you used any donated resources for this event by checking the appropriate boxes and giving the value of the donated resource, if available

4a) Meeting Space ☐

4b) Materials/Equipment ☐

4c) Food ☐

4d) Prizes/Giveaways ☐

4e) Value of Donated Resources: $______________ (USD)


5) Participation

Number of Participants: ________________

5a) Number of new accounts created: ________________

5b) Number of existing accounts that were "active" editors (5+ edits a month): ___________________

5c) Number of female participants: ____________________

5b) Cohort name(s): ___________________________________

(Be sure to adequately note your Wikimetrics cohort name or file name for your txt/csv file of usernames which opted in)

5c) Program/Event Wikimedia category name(s): __________________________________

5d) Wikimedia project(s): __________________________________


5e) Number of instructors:

5f) Number of students:

5g) Number of classes:

5h) Number of institutions:

5i) Total number of instructors trained to edit Wikimedia projects:

6) Content added

6a) Bytes added ("positive bytes" according to Wikimetrics): ________________

6a_2) Bytes removed ("negative bytes" according to Wikimetrics): _______________________

6b) Articles created (according to "pages created" in namespace 0 in Wikimetrics): ________________

6c) Photos/Media added: ___________________

6e) Total number of pages improved: ________________

FOR EDUCATION PROGRAMS ONLY: 6f) Total number of bytes added by instructors (according to Wikimetrics)

7) Replication and Learning

(Check  all that apply and include any relevant links)

7a) This program was run by an experienced program leader who could help others to do similarly. ☐

7b) This program produced blogs, newsletter articles, or informative online posts about it. ☐

7c) This program produced brochures and /or printed materials about it. ☐

7d) This program produced a guide or Instructions for Implementing. ☐

7e) LINKS:


8) Do you have any other observations or self-reported outcomes you wish to share about this program/event?

This may include outcomes related to participants’ learning, attitudes, motivations, or intentions; the gender or cultural diversity of your participants; tools and templates that may have been created, etc.

(Please describe, share the link to, or attach any additional reporting information relevant to your program’s target outcomes.)