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Latest news

23 February 2017

Pictures help us to communicate feelings and ideas across diverse cultures and beyond language barriers. The goal of this campaign is to create a deck of cards that can be used in activities at Wikimedia events throughout the movement to help Wikimedians connect and share. In these ice-breaker activities, participants can pick a card that reflects their hopes, fears or expectations for that day, and then during a round of sharing, each person shares and explains the card they chose.

19 January 2017
Student using the card catalogue in the library, 1981.jpg

To expand Wikimedia communities’ efforts, we need to guarantee open access to resources that support this very important work. The Wikimedia Resource Center is a hub designed in response to this issue: it is a single point of entry for Wikimedians all over the world to access the resources and staff support they need to develop new initiatives, and expand existing ones.

5 January 2017
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The new survey, called Community Engagement Insights, is part of the Foundation’s annual plan. It was developed with input from 13 different teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and tested with Wikimedia volunteers. The opinions gathered will directly affect how the Foundation supports Wikimedia communities.


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Upcoming events

9-10 August 2017

We are happy to inform that we will be hosting Learning Days at Wikimania!

In addition to the core-conference, the Learning and Evaluation team at the Wikimedia Foundation organizes pre-conference Learning Days. During these days, there will be workshops on program design, evaluation, and communities learning. The event will be held on Wednesday, August 9th and Thursday, August 10th.

This year, participants will be selected along two tracks according to practice and knowledge:

Traditional Learning Days track: Pre-conference participatory workshop sessions on program design, evaluation, resources, learning, & community engagement for folks working to implement programmatic and community engagement activities in their home communities. New Leadership Development track: Pre-conference sessions for affiliate representatives who are focused on developing leadership for programs and community building through train-the-trainer and other skills development approaches in their home communities.

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