Research:Committee/Meetings/Meeting 2011-02-25

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Friday 25 February, 6pm UTC
Notes and agenda:


  • Mayo (MFM)
  • WereSpielChequers (WSC)
  • Ziko (ZvD)
  • Aaron (AA
  • Yaroslav (YB)
  • Diederik (DvL)
  • Zack (ZE)
  • John (JR)
  • Erik (EM)
  • Giota (GA)
  • Dario (DT), hosting


Updates from priority areas[edit]

  • Research and Subject recruitment policies (AA)
  • OA policy (DM)
  • Expert Barriers Survey (DT, DM, PA)

Research project directory[edit]

  • Scope & organization (DT, EM)
  • Template for research projects (MFM)

Wikimedia research initiatives[edit]