Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 1/Community Health/Agile and responsive support of community health

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Agile and responsive support of community health[edit]

A centralized structure to support people and communities in assuring community and individual health in a relatable and personal way.[edit]

  1. The Community Health working group recommends developing a network of resources and people to support and monitor community health across the movement. Care for community health must be taken on an ongoing basis and firmly integrated into the fabric of the global movement..
  2. The network should also clearly advocate that the success of Wikimedia projects and the health of their communities are the responsibility of everyone involved, be it as a volunteer, reader, partner, affiliate and so on.
  3. The network should provide all involved with resources which will enable and empower them to act in a way fitting for their context. This enables community health to change with the needs of the communities regardless of their size or geography
  4. The network will also act as a platform for action, exchange and sharing of expertise, and will actively compile data on community health and initiate research when appropriate.

Aligning resource allocation with community health goals[edit]

  1. Ensure that resources can be accessed by all members of a community equally
  2. Procedures for applying for and reporting for funds should take the local environment into account
  3. Assessment of resource allocation as a form of guidance in order to not endanger the health of the community - allocating resources so that the community involved develops in a sustainable way
  4. Access to resources should not reinforce existing privileges; the group of recipients of funds should be diverse and care taken that the identical group of recipients  does not benefit year after year
  5. Provide adequate legal protection to community members concerning the risks associated with handling funds

Investing in equity-centered technologies[edit]

We recommend investment in equity centric technologies, which can support people using diverse languages, people with disabilities and people with varied levels of access. The technologies we speak of include but are not limited to:

  1. easily accessible incident reporting and support to equitize the ability to articulate and have concerns addressed effectively while respecting their privacy,
  2. collaboration and dialogue to equitize the ability to articulate perspectives influencing communities and the movement,
  3. safe selection mechanism for roles of authority and decision making to equalize who is exercising power on the platform as admins and other userright groups with access to non-public information (“functionaries”) and how project-community wide policy decisions are being taken,
  4. content moderation and industry best practices related to classes of concerning content like child protect and politically sensitive material to free functionaries, who also fulfill important social roles in communities, from the burdens of handling such issues.