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Recommendation 5: Create an internal knowledge-base to curate details of partnerships across the movement[edit]

Q 1 What is your Recommendation?[edit]

Create an internal knowledge-base to curate details of partnerships across the movement. This knowledge base will help the movement retain its “partnerships memory”, and could be queried to assist existing partnerships or developing ones.

Q 2-1 What assumptions are you making about the future context that led you to make this recommendation?[edit]

As we scale our efforts worldwide, create more partnerships and involve more people, we must have a knowledge base to help us curate information about partnerships, so volunteers and affiliates can learn from previous efforts rather than invent the wheel, and be better equipped when negotiating partnerships.  

Q 2-2 What is your thinking and logic behind this recommendation?[edit]

Individual volunteers or affiliates in the movement should be able to search: how many educational programs in higher education we have that focus on Wikidata? How many GLAM partnerships we had that donated content that was related to the Gender Gap? This will serve 2 purposes: 1) as a tool in the hands of people negotiating partnerships - being able to say, there are X amount of museums already contributing their datal; or there are Y amount of universities working with us; etc etc, is very powerful while negotiating; and 2) as a starting point of where to go to get relevant links for further information of a similar collaboration / initiative that is being developed, trying to learn from existing experience, rather than inventing the wheel again and again.

Q 3-1 What will change because of the Recommendation?[edit]

This is something in high demand by anyone doing partnerships. It will help people negotiate partnerships more efficiently, as it is always good to have numbers and mention similar effort to potential partners. It will also allow people to learn from our accumulated experience in the movement and harness learning and insights from one partnerships to the next. In effect, this will help us share our experiences and learn from each other more efficiently, as well as record our efforts, so we can report our global impact more accurately.

Q 3-2 Who specifically will be influenced by this recommendation?[edit]

All of the above.

Q 5 How does this Recommendation relate to the current structural reality?[edit]

There have been several efforts to curate our efforts in Education, in Medicine and in GLAM, but we do not have a joint, central system for internal use that helps us query and search what’s happening in outreach. Partial information exists in separate places (on specific language Wikis, on Meta, on Outreach, in newsletters, in Facebook groups, etc. We need one place we can go to to search for questions, get answers and show the impact of what we do globally.