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Важно: этот шаблон использовался до ноября 2011 года для показа новостей об основных событиях и темах обсуждений на мета-вики. Он включал переводы на русский язык сообщений, публикуемых в шаблоне {{Information thread}}. В дальнейшем, эта информация отображалась на старой версии русскоязычной версии заглавной страницы проекта.


  1. Русские переводы новостей до ноября 2011 года перенесены на страницу Заглавная страница/Архив/Лента новостей.
  2. С ноября 2011 года используется обновлённая многоязычная лента новостей {{Main Page/WM News}}. Предлагать русские переводы новостей можно на странице обсуждения (т.к. сам шаблон защищён).
  3. Добавляя перевод свежей новости, скопируйте его и в ленту новостей русского раздела Википедии — так это сообщение увидит гораздо больше русскоязычных участников и просто посетителей проектов «Викимедиа».

Август 2019[edit]

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg Aug–Nov: Please read the Wikimedia 2030 draft recommendations by the working groups.
Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg Aug 16 – Aug 18: Wikimania

Май 2019[edit]

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg April–July: Please participate in the Movement Strategy Community Conversations.
Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg April 01 – June 01: The Billboards Initiative: It focuses on installation of static and digital billboards around two different cities of Nepal, and sharing the project via social media sites. Basically, we are engaging new readers.

Апрель 2019[edit]

Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg April 17 – TBA: A proposal to modify the Language proposal policy has been published at Language proposal policy/2019-04 proposed revision. Please join the discussion at Talk:Language proposal policy/2019-04 proposed revision.
Emojione 1F5F3.svg April 15 – April 30: Nominations for Affiliate Selected Board Seats, see Affiliate-selected Board seats/Resolution 2019
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg April 11: You will not be able to edit most Wikimedia wikis for up to 30 minutes on 11 April 05:00 UTC. This is because of a hardware problem. You can still read the wikis. You can see which wikis are affected. The time you can not edit might be shorter than 30 minutes.

Март 2019[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg March 21 – April 17: Wikimedia Foundation is seeking volunteers to join a revised Communications committee.
Wikimedia-logo.svg March 29–31: Wikimedia Summit 2019 took place in Berlin.

Февраль 2019[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg February 26 – May: Wikimedia Foundation explores a proposal on Wikimedia brand research and strategy. For public feedback, please go to Talk:Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 research and planning/community review. For private, please email to brandproject@wikimedia.org. There are other ways to share feedback, like scheduling a meeting.
Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg February 25 – March 23: A video tutorial regarding how to create references with VisualEditor is in development, and depending on funding might be made available in English and Spanish. Additional video tutorials may be produced in the future. You can subscribe to the project newsletter.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg Feb 17 – Mar 3: Final choice for the logo of WikiClassics user group. We value your feedback. voting is running until 3 March 2019, 00:00 (UTC)
Wikimedia-logo.svg Feb 8 – Feb 28: 2019 Steward elections voting is running until 28 February 2019, 13:59 (UTC)

Январь 2019[edit]

Wikimedia Community Logo.svg January: It is possible to share endorsement and comments for the December 2018 candidates to the Affiliations Committee.
Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg Jan 15–28: Candidate submissions for the 2019 Steward elections will begin on January 15 and will end on January 28. Eligible candidates can nominate themselves.

Декабрь 2018[edit]

Wikimedia Community Logo.svg December 3: The Community Wishlist Survey 2019 has concluded, and the results have been posted.

Ноябрь 2018[edit]

Wikimedia Community Logo.svg November 16–30: You can vote on proposals in Опрос о пожеланиях сообщества — 2019. Voting phase lasts until November 30.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg November 27–29: WikiCite 2018—the 3rd annual event of the initiative aiming to build a centralized database of sources in Wikidata—will take place in Berkeley, CA, USA. The program is available.
Wikimedia-logo.svg November 22–24: The first large Wikipedia gathering in Nepal, Wikicamp Nepal 2018 will take place in Lahan, Nepal.