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Story Time with Papa Kurt[edit]

  • Author: Kurt Jansson
  • Language: German
  • License: ?
  • Type: Story-telling, informal session (Friday night)

About the author[edit]

Kurt Jansson is too hoopy to have only one towel.


Dear SJ,
"late-night story session" sounds good, maybe could also have an artificial chimney (big TV/screen with a filmed fire on tape/disk) on the stage? :-)
Of course I'll ask other Wikipedians for input, and my plan is to try to contact the few German Wikipedians who have been active even before me, but aren't active anymore. Wish me luck.
Dear Kurt,

I am collecting marshmallow donations from friends for the (40-foot-high)
bonfire.  I hope they keep well in the freezer...
Perhaps we can get some VJ's to contribute the fire-like backgrounds.
Any luck finding co-conspirators from de?  The trick is finding people
with deep, resonant voices.