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Proposed abstract about Featured Articles on EN:WP:[edit]

Author: Mark Pelligrini License: ? Language: English Type: Paper

About the author[edit]

Mark Pellegrini has looked after the featuring of "Featured Articles" on the main page of the English Wikipedia for the past year.


  • Past
    • FA philosophy (Why featured articles?)
    • Origins and history
      • Important events in FA history
        • Brilliant prose started (Not sure - need to look this up)
        • Name change / creation of FAC / revoting (Nov-Dec 2003)
        • Going on the main page (Jan, 2004)
        • Switch over to new main page format (Feb, 2004)
  • Present
    • How FA process works
      • Discussion of FAC
      • Discussion of FARC
    • Shortcomings
      • Inability to give proper peer review
      • Disenchanted nominators
    • Best FAC and FARC practices
      • Actionablity requirements
      • Reference requirements
        • Backwards applicability
      • Unprotected featured articles (time on the main page)
        • Periodic requests to protect it
      • FA Queue
  • Future
    • Trends and statistical analysis
      • Increasing FA expectations (guidelines haven't changed but

expectations have gone up)

        • Expectations now plateaued
      • Featured article proportion
        • Slow (nonexistant?) rate of proportion increase
          • Artificially suppressed by expectation increase?
            • Stablized standards
      • Prolific featured article writers