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  • Note that we're requesting advance disbursement of funds. Must apply for advance disbursement at least 1 month prior to the start of an event to ensure that the funds will arrive on time.
  • Show that participation in the event or activity is related to and supporting the Wikimedia Mission.
  • Present a clear goal and statement of expected impact. Include 2 or 3 sentences that show how the Wikimedia Mission is helped by this participation.
  • Compose a report after the event, and post it publicly on Meta. Respond to questions about your report posed by the Participation Grants Committee and the community. Update your report no later than 6 months after your report is posted to provide the Participation Grants Committee with information about the impact of your participation.
  • A report with receipts is submitted no later than 2 weeks after the conclusion of the event.

Ask Asaf what would be best people for endorsement.

AAM Draft Budget[edit]

This is me playing with the GLAMcamp budget table and filling in our AAM needs as I know them. (It's a draft.)...

Description Participant Cost/day Days - AAM Funding[1] Total
Registration Liam Wyatt (international speaker) 335 - - 335
Àlex Hinojo (international speaker) 335 - - 335
Sarah Stierch (member, student, speaker) 265[2] - - 265
Dominic McDevitt-Parks (member, student) 265 - - 265
Accommodations Liam Wyatt 91 5 - 455
Àlex Hinojo (sharing room with Liam) 0 - - 0
Sarah Stierch (sharing room with Lori) 0 - - 0
Dominic McDevitt-Parks 91 3 - 273
Liam Wyatt (Traveling to and from Sydney) 1600 - 1000 [3] 600
Àlex Hinojo (Traveling to/from Barcelona) TBD - 500 [4] TBD
Sarah Stierch (Traveling to/from DC) TBD[2] - 0 TBD
Dominic McDevitt-Parks (From CA / To Boston) TBD - 0 TBD
Meals & incidentals [5] Core days x 4 participants 53 4 - 848
Travel days x 4 participants 40 2 - 320
Grand total $3,696 (to be updated)
[1] We have made great efforts to utilize all possible scholarships and funding options through AAM.

[2] Sarah has applied for an Emerging Museum Professional scholarship, which would pay for flight, registration, lodging, and incidentals. However, this scholarship is extremely hard to obtain (hundreds of students submit every year) and we are moving forward under the assumption that she likely will not receive it. We will be notified on February 28th and the budget will be updated accordingly then.

[3]Liam has been guaranteed a $500 scholarship from the AAM Public Relations and Marketing Committee and a $500 scholarship from AAM as an international presenter.

[4] Àlex Hinojo has been guaranteed a $500 scholarship from AAM as an international presenter.

[5] Minneapolis rates (x75%): Lodging: 91/day | Meals & Incidentals core days: 53/day | Meals & Incidentals first/last days of travel: 40/day