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Screenshot of RTRC in use.


English: This gadget improves patrolling by monitoring the recent changes feed in real-time, with various filtering and automation capabilities to help scale quality control efforts.

Türkçe: Bu araç son değişiklikleri canlı takip etmenize olanak sağlar. Bununla birlikte bir çok özellikte sağlar; zaman aralığı belirleme, filtreleme, oto-fark ve daha fazlası.

Deutsch: Dieses Helferlein ermöglicht das Überwachen der letzten Änderungen eines Wikis in Echtzeit. Dabei werden viele hilfreiche Funktionen wie Zeitraumbegrenzung, Filter, Auto-Unterschied u.v.m. unterstützt.

Vèneto: El juta monitorixar i canbiaminti in ùltema in tenpo reałe. Cusita el dà on mùcio de funsion, cofà łaso de tenpo, filtri, AutoDiff e on mùcio de pì.

Español : Esta herramienta permite monitorizar los cambios recientes de una wiki en tiempo real. Así, proporciona muchas funcionalidades, tales como Plazo, Filtro, AutoDif y mucho más.

Français : Cet outil offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités pour surveiller les modifications récentes d'un wiki en temps réel.

हिन्दी: यह उपकरण आपको किसी विकि पर वास्तविक समय में वर्तमान परिवर्तनों को जाँचने में सहायता करता है। ऐसा करने के लिए यह उपकरण आपको विभिन्न सुविधायें उपलब्ध करवाता है; जैसे समय निर्धारण, फिल्टरन, स्वतः-अन्तरण और बहुत कुछ।

Bahasa Indonesia: Alat ini memungkinkan Anda untuk mengawasi perubahan terbaru dari sebuah wiki dalam waktu-nyata. Dengan melakukannya, ini menyediakan banyak fitur; seperti Timeframing, Penyaringan, Perbedaan-revisi otomatis (Auto-Diff), dan lebih banyak lagi.

Italiano: Questo strumento consente di monitorare i cambiamenti recenti di un wiki in tempo reale. In tal modo fornisce un sacco di funzioni: Arco di tempo, filtri, Auto-Diff e molto altro ancora.

日本語: このツールは、ウィキの最近の更新をリアルタイムで監視できるようにします。さらに、タイムフレーム、絞り込み、自動差分 (Auto-Diff) など数多くの機能を提供します。

한국어: 이 도구를 이용하면 위키의 최근 변경 사항을 실시간으로 감시할 수 있습니다. 이와 더불어 타임프레이밍, 필터링, 자동 차이 보기(Auto-Diff) 등의 수많은 기능을 제공합니다.

Nederlands: Deze tool stelt je in staat recente wijzigingen van een wiki in real-time te monitoren. Tijdens het gebruik heb je de beschikking over verschillende middelen zoals timeframing, filteren, wijzigingen en meer.

Português : Esta ferramenta permite que monitore em tempo real as mudanças recentes de uma wiki, e oferece vários recursos, tais como filtro por editor ou intervalo de tempo, visualização automática de diferenças (diffs) e muito mais.

Русский: Этот инструмент позволяет отслеживать свежие правки на вики-сайте в режиме реального времени. При этом он предоставляет ряд возможностей, таких как определение временных рамок, фильтрация, автоматическая загрузка сравнения версий (Auto-Diff) и многое другое.

Tiếng Việt: Công cụ này cho phép bạn theo dõi những thay đổi gần đây của wiki trong thời gian thực. Khi làm như vậy, nó cung cấp rất nhiều tính năng; chẳng hạn như Khung thời gian, Lọc, Tự động Diff và hơn thế nữa.

中文(简体): 此工具能帮助您查询一个维基的最新更改。它囊括了很多不同的功能,如查询指定时间范围内的修改,进行筛选查询,自动差异对比等。

中文(繁體): 此工具能幫助您查詢一個維基的最新更改。它囊括了很多不同的功能,如查詢指定時間範圍內的修改,進行篩選查詢,自動差異對比等。

Қазақша: Бұл құрал уикидегі нақты уақыттағы жуықтағы өзгерістерді қадағалауды жеңілдетеді. Ол өте көп мүмкіндітермен қамтамасыз етеді: бір айдағы кез келген уақыттағы өзгерістерді ғана көрсету (Timeframing), сүзгілеу (есім кеістігі бойынша, тіркелгісіздерді ғана көрсету, белгілі бір қатысушы өңдемесін ғана көрсету, тегтелген өзгерістерді ғана көрсету, нұсқалардың автоайырмашылғын көрсету және басқалар). Қазақша құжаттама беті: kk:Уикипедия:Гаджеттер/RTRC

Қазақша (кирил): Бұл құрал уикидегі нақты уақыттағы жуықтағы өзгерістерді қадағалауды жеңілдетеді. Ол өте көп мүмкіндіктермен қамтамасыз етеді: бір айдағы кез келген уақыттағы өзгерістерді ғана көрсету (Timeframing), сүзгілеу (есім кеістігі бойынша, тіркелгісіздерді ғана көрсету, белгілі бір қатысушы өңдемесін ғана көрсету, тегтелген өзгерістерді ғана көрсету, нұсқалардың автоайырмашылғын көрсету және басқалар). Қазақша құжаттама беті: kk:Уикипедия:Гаджеттер/RTRC


// [[File:Krinkle_RTRC.js]]
(mw.loader.getState('ext.gadget.rtrc') ? mw.loader.load('ext.gadget.rtrc') : mw.loader.load('' + mw.config.get('wgUserLanguage', 'en')));

The File:Krinkle_RTRC.js code is for statistics. (optional)

If you encounter any problems, let me know.

How to clear cache

Note: After publishing, you may have to bypass your browser's cache to see the changes.

  • Firefox / Safari: Hold Shift while clicking Reload, or press either Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-R (⌘-R on a Mac)
  • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl-Shift-R (⌘-Shift-R on a Mac)
  • Internet Explorer / Edge: Hold Ctrl while clicking Refresh, or press Ctrl-F5
  • Opera: Press Ctrl-F5.



Silently in the background, using JavaScript, it loads a new list. When that's good and ready, it's pushed in place of the one on screen (So, no interruption).


This is perhaps the most important feature of the tool. If you are logged in with an account that has the patrolright on that wiki, patrolled edits can be hidden from the list by checking the "Unpatrolled only"-checkbox. The recent changes list is also refreshed on-the-fly, so patrolled edits hide right away (either because you patrolled them, or because someone else did). This enables easy live-patrolling without wasting time clicking links that somebody else has already patrolled in the mean time!
Additionally it is also ideal to work on an anonymous checklist (such as on Commons) on your own (or with others at the same time) as patrolled edits automatically hide from the list, leaving only behind what needs to be done from that timeframe, until the message "Nothing matched your criteria" appears at which you know you're done with this list. See also Timeframe below for more info on how to deal with these checklists enabling you to cut out a piece from the history and view only that part.


(New in version 0.5.3). This feature lets you skip an edit in the list of changes. By clicking the "Skip"-tab in the Diff-view the edit ID will be remembered throughout the current session and both the AutoDiff system and the "Next »"-tab will automatically jump over edits that have been skipped.

When a diff has been skipped it will remain in the feed marked blue. If you want to get a skipped diff back in the normal system, simply click its (diff)-link again and click the "Unskip"-tab.


This feature lets you query results based on a user name. By putting in an IP-address or username in this field, there will be only contributions shown from that user.

This can be used as with MassPatrol to easily patrol a series of edits by one particular user.


Timeframing allows list generation from a certain point in time. When using Timeframing, the "Until"-field is required, and optionally the "From"-field can be set aswell. This allows a list to be generated of, for example, a day-part in the Anonymous checklists. When there is nothing left in that timeframe, it'll say "Nothing matched your criteria".

The timestamps need to be in a very strict 14-digit format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS (Year, month, day, hour, minute, second).
For instance, for 29 March 2024 15:48:37 use 20240329154837.
Click the following link to view edits of yesterday between 6 PM and 7 PM: Click here.


Stands for Ascending, means oldest first. So the items get newer down the list.
(default) stands for Descending, means newest first. Here the items get older down the list.

Reload Interval[edit]

The value in this inputfield is used as the number of seconds the script will wait, after a completed refresh, to refresh again.

Default: 3 seconds

An average broadband cable connection should have no problem with "0". The interval timer starts after a completed refresh, so even on "0" it will never refresh while there is a refresh being loaded.

Automatic edit summary[edit]

Edits that have automatic edit summaries are recognized and will be highlighted for easy reference. See an example below:
  Foobar . . ←Blanked the page


When you enable AutoDiff the script will automaticly load the next (diff)-link from the list for you when you have succesfully marked a contribution as patrolled.
From top
This checkbox (which also affects the "Next »"-tab in the Diff-view) makes the script pick from the top of the list rather than the bottom of it.
Please use the AutoDiff-feature knowing that when you click a [mark as patrolled]-link there will be no time left to act upon the contribution (like reverting it). So, if you need to rollback or anything, with AutoDiff Enabled: Do that first, and mark as patrolled when ready to go to the next Diff!
=> If you don't like this, don't use AutoDiff. If you do like to automatically have it grab the next (diff)-link without having to scroll down to the list, there is a "Next »"-tab on the top right of every Diff-frame, this will also load the next (diff)-link when clicked, just like AutoDiff does.


By heavy request as of version 0.8+ this feature blindly patrols all edits in the list until it is exhausted. AutoDiff has to be enabled and to avoid mistakes it can only be used if there is atleast 1 content filter utilized (ie. Userfilter).

CVN Scores[edit]

When enabled, RTRC will consult the blacklist of the Countervandalism Network about all usernames in the changes list.

If a record is found, the username will be highlighted, as demonstrated below:

Reason: Cross-wiki linkspam. Adder: Wutsje JohnDoe2000

When CVN records are changed, patrollers may leave a comment to explain why the user is blacklisted and until when. Hover the highlighted row to see this information in a tooltip.

ORES Scores[edit]

When enabled, RTRC will query ORES to compute scores for all changes in the feed. Any score with high probability will be highlighted.

Damage probability: 87% JohnDoe2000

The damage probability can be read from the tooltip by hovering the highlighted row.


If you experience any issues or have suggestions for how something could be better, let me know by creating an issue.


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Install as Gadget[edit]

(These instructions are for administrators.)

  • Copy the the Install snippet to your wiki's MediaWiki:Gadget-RTRC.js (just like when you would install it in your user script)
  • Create MediaWiki:Gadget-RTRC with something like the following:
''Real-Time Recent Changes'': Monitor and patrol recent changes in real-time ([[m:User:Krinkle/RTRC-docs|documentation]]). 
  • Then add a line in MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition somewhere with:
    * RTRC[ResourceLoader]|RTRC.js 

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